Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Obama Returns Gitmo to Castro

Obama is giving Guantanamo back to Cuba

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While we're distracted with electioneering, President Obama has been busily negotiating away Guantanamo.

But, but, but that's unconstitutional!
Now, those educated in the Constitution [e.g., Senator Cruz] will leap to the fore to state that mean old Barack Obama had better not negotiate a treaty with Cuba to return Gitmo to the Cubans.

Why, that would be unconstitutional, and EVERYONE who knows the Constitution KNOWS that the Prez absolutely, positively MUST consult with Congress and seek its permission before he engages in negotiating a treaty, or any kind of diplomatic engagement.

But, in reality, Obama needn't bother Congress with his current maneuvering.

I got three right.

At the moment, he's pressuring the review board examination of Gitmo prisoners to release more prisoners.

Over the next few months, the board will have released the majority of them, leaving a minimum group to be dealt with; and Obama doesn't have to have any visibility in the process.

I am omnipotent!
The moment of truth, however, will come when Obama dons his Military Commander in Chief hat, when he

1) Orders the Military to transfer the remaining Gitmo prisoners to Leavenworth Military Detention Barracks, and

2) Orders the Marine Commandant to ship back all Marines currently stationed at Guantanamo.

3) After a few weeks, Castro will fill the facility with Cubans, and it will become occupied territory by Cuban squatters.

4) Obama can  ignore Congress' demands to retake the facility until he leaves office on 20 January 2017, and his replacement would have to literally declare war on Cuba to retake the facility.

And Obama will have pulled off still another end-run around Congress.

It's a shell game, but wait and see.

Gitmo by 20 January 2017
This is how it will play out, and the US will have no further control of Gitmo, and Obama will have the last laugh.