Wednesday, March 30, 2016

CIA - Obama's Marketing Team?

CIA HQ: No Moles Allowed; just Hollywood Film Crews

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One of our National Treasures!
We learn today that the Administration is collaborating with Hollywood to exploit the SEAL Team Six raid which terminated Osama bin Laden with Extreme Prejudice. 

Worse, it is the Administration that has opened the doors to the CIA and the Pentagon to let Hollywood scriptwriters and cameramen wander the halls, capturing images of CIA officers, assigned and visiting, and visually documenting access procedures.

Peter King: Chair, Homeland Security
According to Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King [R-NY], the film-makers were granted "...extremely close, unprecedented and potentially dangerous collaboration... from the Administration."

Judicial Watch disclosed that documents they obtained through the FOIA revealed that the film-makers met with the White House and were also granted access to "The Vault" where the Osama raid was reportedly planned.

We try not to reveal the existence, much less the location of our most sensitive installations at all, much less to Hollywood filmsters -- who now know the location and the details of the building.

Libby: Tried & Convicted by Media
So, when Scooter Libby identified the leak [Joe Wilson] of sensitive information to the NY Times as the husband of a CIA admin officer, the Democrats proclaim that he outed a CIA operative.

That would be Valerie Plame, whose status as a covert officer was that she used, as did all CIA personnel on international travel, a cover identity.

But,she was just a CIA paper pusher  -- a higher pay grade than the janitor or security guard, but with about as much access and classified activity.

Nonetheless, both the New York Times and the Washington Post declared her to be a COVERT OPERATIVE, so, it must be true!


CIA Entrance [NBC Photo]

In the past, a number of Hollywood films have included the entrance foyer to the CIA so they could film the CIA logo on the floor.

But, the lobby was their limit, and only on weekends when CIA officers were not visible.


So, when I press this button, the soldiers shoot him in the face?  (c) Bossip

The Administration is desperately trying to exploit the raid on Osama's house in Pakistan so he can pretend to have participated; as we recall, the Secret Service had to drag him off the golf course so he could be on hand to sign the order for, and witness the assault and execution of Osama.

His presence was necessary since the POTUS must sign and Executive Action order -- i.e., the execution of a foreign national leader of significant prominence.

(c) guim
We are surprised at General Petraeus, the current Director of the CIA, for going along with this security breach.  Then again, we suspect he was the best person for "damage control" given the circumstances.
On the other hand, we have Leon Panetta in charge of the Pentagon, so, we can assume any secrets there have been fully disclosed to Hollywood.

When it comes to national security, it seems this Administration has less self-control than Jack Kennedy, whose distribution of state secrets ended with his visit to Dallas.

There is no telling how many years it will take to undo the damage to our national security once the Administration changes in January.

[UPDATE  CIA is now tasked with spinning the legend that Moscow hacked tens of thousands of voting machines throughout the US to elect Donald Trump.  That of course, flies in the face of the hundreds of Soros  programmed voting machines placed in key urban centers where Hillary was awarded 100% of the vote - a statistical impossibility.  But, keep in mind, Brennan is now in charge of the CIA, and he's been Mr Obama's puppet for quite some time, and will do as he's told -- to the frustration of CIA analysts and operatives]