Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trump VP -- Scott Brown?

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On reflection, we think this would be a good choice for Trump and for America, and ties to Trump;s anti-Establishment agenda.  Brown is highly visible, physically and intellectually attractive and will appeal to the general public, and especially to women voters.

He's been vetted in several elections and has no visible skeletons in the closet, and the GOP leadership hates his guts [we're sure he returns the sentiment].  Brown is certainly not part of, and, worse, has challenged the GOP establishment when he was elected to the US Senate in a landslide campaign victory over the GOP's favorite [Jack Robinson] by a margin of 89 - 11 per cent; he then surprisingly defeated heavily favored Democrat [Attorney General Coakley].

Brown was the first Republican in 37 years to be elected to the US Senate from Massachusetts; even after President Obama flew in to endorse his opponent.  Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker   commented that "... Brown's political positions did not fall neatly into Party lines", but that he was "... mainstream in a nation that defines itself as mostly Conservative."

The GOP saw him early on as an anti-Establishment Tea Party threat and a potential leader for the Tea Party Conservatives in the Senate -- a resistance they could not tolerate, essentially because he was willing to work across Party lines to pass positive legislation.  Better to elect a Democrat than an Independent/Tea Party Republican.

It was the GOP who worked hand-in-glove to defeat his reelection, backing Elizabeth  Faucahauntus] Warren, and again in his later NH run for the Senate. The RNC pulled out all the stops, and was willing to risk giving the majority again to the Democrats to defeat Brown and other independent-minded senators.

Later, Brown moved his residency to New Hampshire, which was dominated by the GOP; Brown's candidacy was undermined at every step by the GOP which preferred a weak Democrat to an independent Tea Party senator.  He lost by three percentage points.

[The GOP operated in similar fashion in 2010 in Nevada to reelect Harry Reid and defeat a troublesome Conservative candidate who would not bow to their demands.]

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Brown served in the National Guard for 35 years, with a brief stint in Afghanistan, so he can speak to Military issues, and likely can work for the improvement of the Military, and especially for Vets. The Boston Globe noted Brown had "carved out a niche as a leading advocate for Veterans"; Richard Tissi, the state Senate Republican Minority Leader called Brown the "...acknowledged expert on Veterans' issues"; state Senator Jack Heart, from Boston, advised Brown is "...comprehensive in his approach on Veterans' issues and has done a very good job on their behalf." As Vice President of the US, Brown could be a major force in cleaning up the corruption and graft in the Veterans Administration.

We recall that Reagan was persuaded to select George H.W. Bush, a fairly Milquetoast politician, a partner who brought little to the table other than tacit support from Texas and New England, plus Bush's linkage to the CIA -- a link which later led to the Iran-Contra debacle when Bush assured Reagan it was all OK and there was no risk of blow-back.

Bush would later lose to Clinton when he attempted to run what should have been a simple and easy reelection bid against scandal-ridden Bill Clinton -- but lost heavily due to his inability to identify with Mainstream America. Clinton's words, still valid in this election, ring true:

"It's the ECONOMY stupid!"

[A Lesson the GOP has still not learned]