Monday, January 18, 2016

The Most Plausible Explanation For The 10 Riverine Sailors Captured By Iran

Riverine Crew as guests of the Iranian Navy

We are pleased to publish this analysis of the Iranian Navy's capture of 
US sailors by our irascible old friend and fellow Administration critic and 
malcontent, Tom Lipscomb.  Tom is most notable for his excellent reporting, 
but of late,  for being banned from FaceBook for his frequent irreverent 
and politically-incorrect commentary which was offensive to many on 
an equal opportunity level.

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I have heard separately from two experts, both high ranking Marines, one on active duty and the other working in DC at a foundation, the following.
 When I pressed them on the Fars News Service statement from Iran that the 10 personnel captured on the two US vessels were all Marines, they countered:

No, they are part of a Rivierine Squadron based in San Diego. Further they are support crews for SEAL missions from the US Navy and highly trained. The Iranians probably mistook “Riverine” for “Marine” in doing the story.

So that explains several things. 

Why the captured sailors were so much more fit than the average sailor these days, and how a woman could be among them. While not Special Ops personnel directly engaged, they have to be extraordinarily fit and well-trained, as indeed these sailors appear to be.

It also raises the question as to whether they had been on a mission ferrying SEALS somewhere. 
One must understand that small craft “belly bumping” has been going on all over the Gulf for decades. 

There are Standard Operating Procedures [SOP] for numerous levels of possible engagement, including being swarmed and overcome. 

They don’t have to include vainglorious responses like getting all your people killed resisting being taken prisoner by other ships with more firepower.

The young Lieutenant commanding the mission, covered in this Chicago Tribune story appeared totally composed in making that statement of  “confession,”  probably because that was exactly the statement he was supposed to make, according to one of those SOPs at Fifth Fleet that had been set up for the alternative scenarios.

So any notion that malfeasance by the officers and crews of these two vessels is most unlikely. 

Also unlikely is any notion that with the multiple communications channels of Special Ops vessels and multiple navigation aids anyone on board them got lost, was without communications, or drifted while doing repairs anywhere near the Fars Islands. 

Washington Post
Look at a map. 
The course from Bahrain to Kuwait is not only direct, it is almost directly N-S and given the shallow draft capability of these vessels, both boats could have proceeded with the Arabian coast in sight the entire time.

So how did they get more than 70 miles and 90 degrees off their course, (some “short cut”) which at their speeds of more than 40 mph would have taken over an hour one way, and fall into the 12 mile limit of the Farsi Islands claimed by Iran?

In short, they didn’t.

Fifth Fleet knew exactly where they were at all times, just as it knows exactly where all the other NATO vessels, which practically pave the Persian Gulf these days are. And they had the option to back them up with air and sea power if they were allowed to.

If the American people were not suffering from an incompetent and incurious press and media, some of these discrepancies would have come to light and been subject to public debate. 

One would think the questions remaining over what are now the clear lies about Benghazi would excite some editorial interest.

The explanations pouring out of Obama’s lying Administration spokespersons from the Secretary of Defense to the Secretary of State simply do not stand the light of day. 

In fact they insult the intelligence of any knowledgeable citizen with military experience.

But one thing is clear. Secretary of State Kerry was a much better liar about his small boat riverine actions in Vietnam than he is in explaining what was going on with our riverine sailors in the Persian Gulf.

SpookdBlog Editorial Note:

Donning our Tin Foil Conspiracy Cap, which has been consistently accurate on all things Benghazi, we'll speculate that this highly publicized capture of US sailors by the Iranian Navy, without a visible reaction from nearby US Naval vessels from the Sixth Fleet, was staged, much the same as the attack on the Benghazi Consulate was staged to capture the US Ambassador and trade him for the Blind Sheik.

Wc make this allegation based on the series of covert attempts by this Administration to resurrect positive relations with Iran.  Keep in mind Obama's persistent efforts to befriend Iran, which included the now infamous "nuclear deal", the secret meetings in Muscat in 2013 -- which followed 19 months of negotiations among the six major world powers and Iran, leading to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed on 14 July 2015.  

We also have noted the large number of Iranians [and Muslim Brotherhood members] in this Administration, to include Huma Abedin [Hillary's closest advisor] linked to the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood [interestingly, all references to her linkage to Iran and to the Muslim  Brotherhood appear to have been purged from the Internet]; and, of course, Valerie Bowman Jarrett [Obama's puppeteer], born in Shiraz, Iran.   We somehow think these folks might have influenced Oval Office decisions to embrace Iran.

And, last but not least, we recall Hillary's role, in which she visited Egypt with Huma, and set off riots and protests against her linkage, via Huma, with the Muslim Brotherhood.  However, the most interesting link in this puzzle is Hillary's "covert" flight to western Iran in late 2012, reportedly to meet with President Ahmadinijad in Ahvaz and Ayatollah ali Khamenei to discuss Iran's nuclear program.  As in all poorly planned operations, Hillary's plane crashed, killing her SEAL escort [listed as a suicide in Afghanistan].  While she recovered in a MidEast hospital, her cover story was that she had the flu, fell, and had a concussion.  She was later spirited into a US hospital and with great fanfare, released with her "double" making PhotoOp appearances for show.

Bottom line:  We believe the capture of the US sailors was a staged event to enable the Administration to lift the sanctions on Iran and return the $1.4 Billion in seized Iranian assets.  We'll report more as this tale unfolds.