Saturday, January 23, 2016

McConnell Proposes Martial Law

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Senate Majority Leader McConnell slipped a ringer past the Senate late Wednesday [21 Jan 2015] using the "fight against ISIS" to justify his "Resolution for the 'Authorization to Use Military Force' [AUMF] by the President".  
[Keep in mind, the evidence now shows ISIS/ISIL was created by the US/Saudi Arabia/Israel.]
This move came as a surprise to Congress, to include McConnell's deputy, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, who responded upon being informed of this action "He did?"

Cornyn, in December [2015] said
"Republicans would not present an AUMF of their own until the President outlined a strategy.  We need a cherent strategy from the President, which we don't have, and we don't need to tie the hands of the next President by restricting what the President can do."

[So much for leadership internal communication; are these guys bestowing dictatorial powers on the President?]

In essence, McConnell is attempting to fast-track the measure while Congress's attention is diverted to "SnowMaGeddon", which has artificially paralyzed Washington, DC and most of the East Coast.

McConnell's AUMF gives the President unlimited power -- i.e., NO RESTRICTIONS -- on the President's use of ground troops, nor would it impose any limits on time or geographical boundaries.

Translated, that means that the 2001 AUMF is designed to give the President flexibility in fighting foreign enemies, e.g., "terrorists" on foreign soil, would now be expanded to conduct military operations [i.e.,] Martial Law, against "designated Enemies of the State"  on US soil.
[This empowers the President to legally impose Martial Law without consulting Congress.]

[Enemies of the State have now include
a.  General Petraeus [Director, CIA; CDR, US/ISAF forces in Afghanstan] Benghazi Whistleblower
b.  Lt Colonel Jason Amerine [Silver Star/Special Forces] Whistle-blower
c.  Major Matt Golsteyn [Silver Star/Special Forces]
d.  Captain Wm Swenson [Medal of Honor] Whistle-blower
e.  Sergeant First Class Earl Plumlee [Medal of Honor nominee/Silver Star/Special Forces]

We recall that, as the Nazis took control of Germany, they targeted, and eliminated the German War Heroes, substituting their own politically correct "heroes".  Sound familiar?

A different, and more limiting version of the AUMF proposed by the President has been the subject of considerable argument and in-fighting in both Parties.

As late as this past December [2015], McConnell  "dismissed the idea of bringing up a new authorization, telling reporters:
'It's clear the President does not have a strategy in place, so it would hard to figure out how to authorize a non-strategy'."
[So, Mitch, what's the rush now?]

Co-sponsors of this bill are Senators
a) Lindsey Graham [R-SC]
b) Daniel Coats [R-IN]
c) Joni Ernst [R - IA]
d) Orrin Hatch R-UT]

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker [R-TN]
... there is still a wide diversity of opinions on the issue" and that " new authorization was needed."

Editorial Comment:

We interpret McConnell's action as bringing us one step closer to a Martial Law situation; most shocking is that it is the Republican Leadership pushing Congress to surrender its powers to the President!

Advice & Consent -- a Separation of Powers with three separate but equal powers.  
Specifically, Congress has the ultimate power to create and fund legislation to prevent the President from becoming a dictator.  The third power, the Supreme Court, could interpret the actions of either or both to determine whether or not what they had proposed met Constitutional standards.
That process seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Since 9/11, the Presidents and Congress have both created laws which shred the Bill of Rights; e.g., the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act.  We were appalled when President Bush endorsed "torture" as an acceptable interrogation process -- even though professional interrogators clearly stated such practices rarely, if ever, produced accurate intelligence.  We previously condemned our enemies for such practices, only to find it not only now acceptable, but even encouraged in our training manuals.

The Bottom Line on the AUMF is that Congress and the Oval Office have seemingly joined together to create the "perfect storm" by which Martial Law can, and most likely will be enacted, ratified, and institutionalized -- in direct contradiction of the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbade the use of US Military in a law enforcement role.  

The structure and the Constitution were specifically designed to prevent the possibility of there EVER being a dictator in the United States.  

That guarantee is now fading.