Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cruz vs Trump

As I've mentioned before, Cruz is an honorable man, with great moral principles. And his followers today embrace him as Mainstream America followed Jimmy Carter, also an honorable man with great moral principles.

Once in office, Jimmy proved ineffective since the pros ran all over him; he surrounded himself with strange folks, most of whom were not honorable or immoral.

In the end, he became amoral, manipulating international issues to meet his own political goal [e.g., selling the Shah,to whom he had offered asylum, back to the Iranians in exchange for our embassy hostages. In that process, he compromised the WH communications encryption system.]

Now, like Cruz, Jimmy was a very bright fellow [nuclear engineer], but he was a bit naive. He had no experience in international affairs, or in dealing with political heavy hitters, or with the global power brokers in NY, London, Brussels, Zurich, or with the CFR, or with the major international corporations whose annual revenues dwarf the GDPs of all but a few nations.

Jimmy got stomped, and I fear Cruz would as well.

If we're going to regain our independence, we need to put a guy in the ring who has the financial and political muscle to take on the power brokers at all levels. Trump may not be the most palatable candidate, but I believe he is the most capable -- given the current opposition.

You don't bring a knife to a gunfight.