Tuesday, October 6, 2015

EcoFuel Innovation

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We're not sure if this young scientist is actually a genius since this technology has been around longer than he's been alive.  [Ask the Japanese]
What IS new is the public awareness of the technology and pressure to implement it.

In short, he developed a process by which fecal waste [i.e., poop] from humans, chickens, pigs, and Democrats] can be converted into a fuel product; he added leftover fats and proteins to bolster the fat content for a more efficient biodiesel burning process.  The side benefit, of course, is to remove all these waste products from the environment.
[The Japanese traditionally distributed human waste in their vegetable fields in what were termed "honey pots"; the end products were very healthy veggies -- if you didn't mind the rather unique flavor.]

[#AGICO Group]
Currently, BioFuel is one of the fastest growing US industries as it converts wood chips and sawdust into efficient burning fuel pellets for industrial heating and energy.

Less expensive than fuel oil or coal, and easy to convert the furnaces, US companies are being pressured by coal and oil companies
[read Warren Buffett and Rockefeller] to ignore the new technology.

So, currently, Europe is the major consumer of this US product, and US factories and energy plants are operating in the 19th Century mode.

Now, with the wood biofuel, there is a massive savings in energy fuel -- and the carbon footprint is almost negligible.

Take it one step further, and convert chicken and pig feces to fuel pellets, and you have a massive supply of fuel at minimal cost since the farmers have been under pressure for years to clean up the feces waste products from their farms.  Making this transition and capitalizing on the solution to a pollution problem simply makes sense.  But, as we've seen, any time the government [e.g., the EPA] gets involved, there is no positive result.

EPA&ADM vs Amish Farmers
Currently, the EPA is targeting the Amish farmers who stockpile their manure to recycle as fertilizer rather than allow it to run off into nearby streams.  EPA, in this case, seems to be fronting for Archer-Daniels-Midlands [ADM] which won a $99 Million Department of Energy "carbon-capture" contract tied to its ethanol production.

Pollution flowing into the Chesapeake Bay[#FoodFreedom.com] 

As bio researchers will point out, though, the chicken and pig farmers are being pressured by their buyers to NOT clean up and to NOT sell their animal feces to the biofuel producers as the buyers are being pressured by
-- you guessed it, the coal and oil industry.

In the meantime, pristine water preserves such as the Chesapeake Bay, which used to be full of fish, oysters, clams, and crabs, are now nearly devoid of marine life.

If you want to see this situation change, contact your elected official and make a stink [so to speak].