Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hillary vs Carly

We think Carly Fiorina would make a nice counter to the "WOMAN" candidate vote, which seems to be the allure to the Liberal Community.
But, in this case, 

1) Hillary, who has NO accomplishment as either a senator or the Secretary of State [ask her what she accomplished and she'll talk around it].  Her record, however is one of primarily scandal but also, incompetence
    (a) Benghazi 
         [It does make difference]
    (b) WhiteWater Scandal
    (c)  TravelGate
    (d)  FileGate
    (e)  Alleged money laundering through her Haiti 
         AIDS   foundation
     (f)  Foreign contributions to the AIDS foundation 
             in exchange for US business deals while she was SecState
(g)  Unexplained suicides and murders [50+] of opponents and critics of Bill
(h)  Security Violations as SecState

2) Fiorina, who has both success and failure under her belt as a powerful corporate leader

      (a) Fiorina joined AT&T as a management trainee 
           and rose to become a senior vice president 
           overseeing the company's hardware and systems
      (b) She led corporate operations for the spinoff from 
             AT&T of Lucent
      (c) President of Lucent's Consumer Products division
      (d) President of Lucent's consumer products business
      (e) Chair of Lucent's consumer communications joint
            venture with Philips consumer communications
      (f) Group president for the global service provider
           business at Lucent
      (g) CEO: Hewlett-Packard
      (h) Forced the merger with Compaq to create the largest
             computer company in the world -- with substantial
             employee growth.
       (i) Fiorina was the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company

At HP, Fiorina
      (a) Shifted the emphasis from massive employee benefits to pressing 
            for financial performance
            [i.e., no more free rides]
      (b) Replaced profit sharing with performance bonuses - 
            only if HP met financial expectations
            [i.e., no more free rides]
      (c) Reduction in operating units from 83 to 4!
           [i.e., reducing massive bureaucracy to a manageable delegation
           of responsibility and authority]

The HP Board of Directors fired her following 9/11 and the economy's decline, causing a stock decline and reduced computer purchases by consumers.  As the economy declined, so did the fortunes of the company -- and she was a convenient scapegoat.  Oddly, all the changes that she wrought on the company have paid off in the long run, and HP is one of the most profitable companies in the US -- but recent CEOs have taken the credit.

She has been lauded for her dynamic leadership, but criticized for her lack of diplomacy in maneuvering corporate politics.

Would she be good as POTUS?
Likely not yet; but, as VP, she could be precisely the right person to reorganize the government!

Perhaps a Trump/Fiorina ticket?
First words after they are sworn in to the 0bama government leadership?