Monday, June 15, 2015

GOP: Destroying its candidates?

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The Media, in its consummate wisdom, has designated the field of Republican candidates as clowns. Count them; 23 highly qualified Conservatives who believe in the Free Market, and each of whom has built his or her reputation on accomplishments which no current Democrat can match.  We even include Christie, who has managed to govern New Jersey, perhaps the most corrupt state in the Union - other than Illinois.

Colbert interviews "Ham [Karl] Rove" [Salon]
Of these 23, we hope the GOP won't destroy them all in its zeal to put Zeb Bush into the Oval Office. In past elections, it appears the GOP Chairman, Reince Priebus, along with his rabid pit bull, Karl Rove, managed to destroy any number of electable Conservative candidates for the House, the Senate, and the White House by generating adverse propaganda, withholding campaign funds and Media support, or joining forces with the Democrats to defeat candidates who indicated they would not toe the GOP Party Line - or worship at the feet of Priebus or Rove.

Rove appeared to be the guiding force in in re-electing Democrat Harry Reid in 2010 by smearing Sharron Angle, who was backed by the Tea Party and Veterans in Politics; she had won the Republican primary with 40% of the vote.  After the primaries, Angle had a 50% to 39% lead over Reid, indicating that Angle was a shoe-in to win.  Oddly, after behind-the-scenes lobbying by Rove, the widow of the late Republican Governor Guinn, Republican State Senator Raggio, and finally, Republican Senator Ensign all [we repeat ALL!] endorsed Democrat Senator Harry Reid -- the obvious objective of which was to undercut Tea Party influence in the GOP, and to preserve the purity of the corrupt GOP leadership!

Additionally, four strong incumbent Republican senators - who were resistant to GOP leadership -- were persuaded to "retire", including George Voinovich of Ohio, Sam Brownback of Kansas, Chris Bond of Missouri, and Mel Martinez of Florida all abruptly decided to "retire and spend more time with our families."

Amazingly enough, the voters overturned most of the negative operations of Priebus and Rove, delivering 63 new seats to the Republicans in the House, and six new Senate seats; in local elections, the Republicans swept the elections with voters bringing in 680 new Republican seats -- leaving Republicans in control of 26 state legislatures and 29 State Governorships.

By 2014, Priebus and Rove were unable to keep the Democrats in power as voters gave the Republicans a clear majority in both the Senate and the House, with 54 Senate seats and the largest majority in the House since 1928.  Amazingly, the voters recoiled against Maryland Democrat Governor O'Malley's failed governorship and elected Republican Larry Hogan with a margin of 51% to 47% -- which Chris Christie labeled "... the biggest upset in the entire country!"

But, enough of our vitriol against the GOP leadership -- which we believe is firmly in the pocket of the Democrats and Mr 0bama.

Let's talk about the Democrat candidates.

It appears the Democrats have only one viable candidate, perhaps the least qualified and most reviled Presidential candidate in US history, Hillary Clinton, who is "generating financial scandals faster than her husband generated his inevitable sex scandals.  Of course, who can forget her description of her success as Secretary of State, in which she spent several minutes saying the words: success and progress and resolving existing problems, but at no point could she give an example of any of those terms.

To be fair, we can cite some examples of her accomplishments:
1)  She logged more mileage than any other Secretary of State
2)  She used her cell phone and personal email to transmit to unauthorized persons more Top Secret Compartmented intelligence information than any other politician in US history -- after which she claimed to accidentally have deleted all that data.
3)  She attempted a unilateral covert operation to cut a deal with the President of Iran via an unauthorized flight into Iran -- which crashed [shot down?], killing her SEAL escort [he allegedly committed suicide in Afghanistan], and sending her to an Israeli hospital from which she was surreptitiously shipped to a NY hospital where she was diagnosed with a flu-induced "head injury".
4)  She successfully killed one ambassador, his bodyguard, and two former SEALs in Benghazi.
5)  She installed a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, with close ties to  the Muslim Brotherhood, as her principal advisor at the State Department; and now there are reports of her being linked to supplies and money being provided to ISIS.

Now, to balance the scale of candidates in the Democrats' Presidential Clown Car, we have:

Is Bernie fantasizing?

1)  Bernie Sanders who advocates is upset there are 23 types of underarm deodorants while children are hungry, a 90% tax rate, and, he openly fantasizes about women "...being raped by three men simultaneously."

Granted, it's an old quote, taken out of specific context, but, since the Democrats fantasize about Ted Cruz's parking tickets over the last 20 years, Sanders' fantasies seem oh, so much more salacious.  He is expected to carry Vermont's Electoral Votes.

2)  Then again, we have Martin O'Malley, former governor of Maryland against whom voters rebelled to smash his hand-picked successor at the polls with a massive vote against O'Malley's policies which destroyed the economy by taxing businesses to such an extent that many fled the state leaving tens of thousands of unemployed workers -- and depleted tax coffers.

He has advocated taxing rainfall,  We feel certain that if he were on the ticket, Maryland's Electoral Votes would be all Red.

Someone stole my steering wheel!

3)  Desperately seeking an alternative, the Democrats now have Lincoln Chaffee, a former Republican, then an Independent, and currently a Democrat who seeks "internationalism" via the Metric System, and he seeks to atone for the Iraqi war[s].

He may carry Washington, DC, which has no Electoral Votes, but the Rhode Island voters are delighted he's leaving.

We return to the original question:
Will the GOP leadership manage to destroy all the qualified Conservative candidates before the election to snatch defeat from the jaws of pure victory -- as they did in 2012?