Monday, June 8, 2015

10 Major Events Overshadowed by Caitlin Jenner

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1.  The Expiration of the Patriot Act and the passing of the USA Freedom Act which is essentially the Patriot Act in hyperdrive.

2.  The breaking story that the FBI has been conducting warrantless surveillance from planes disguised as commercial aircraft.

3.  NBC caught manipulating footage of the shooting of an unarmed college student.

4.  Congress passed a measure that would require police departments to report all killings of prisoners and uses of excess force by police resulting in injury to detainees or prisoners.

5.  A DHS investigation that found that the TSA failed to find 95% of the weapons and mock explosives smuggled through airports.

NSA has been expanding its reach through its alliance with police departments and the DOJ.

TSA has 55,000 employees, with 47,000 screeners, and a budget of $7 Billion.

Passengers are screened but, food and cleaning contractors, and mechanics and baggage handlers are not.

6.  A Guantanamo detainee alleged that he was tortured by the CIA using methods worse than previously thought, such as sexual abuse, forced rectal feedings, and being hung nude from overhead beams.  The CIA employs private contractors and untrained young soldiers whose interrogation techniques derived from watching "24" or playing X-Box Call of Duty and other war games.  Highly trained US Military Intelligence interrogators have been studiously ignored, perhaps because they maintain a level of integrity in their interrogations -- which do not include torture.

7.  Three more banking executives died mysteriously.  Here's the list of dead bankers in 2015. Notably, all were linked to highly questionable Chinese financial movements -- which some reported as Money Laundering.  Some speculate linkage to Timothy Geithner, former US Secretary of the Treasury and former President of the New York Federal Reserve bank [2009-13], graduate of Chinese universities, and now a consultant with the Chinese government as Managing Director and President of Warburg Pincus.

Most of these deceased bankers reportedly committed suicide, to the wonderment of their friends and relatives.

8.  It was revealed that a Palm Beach Sheriff's Department party, on a private golf course, included at least one minor, a hooker, and delivery and consumption of of cocaine by deputies.

This revelation came via disgusted cops posting anonymously on the forum].  This forum receives both commentary as well as captured videos from police dash-cams; one such video show police almost running over a black kid, who gets off his bike and is running away, only to be shot in the back four times by the "arresting officer" who likely defended his actions by using the catch phrase:  "I feared for my life", even though there was another officer near the unarmed kid.

9.  An archeologist in Russia discovered a 2,400 year old artifact containing marijuana and opium. Interesting that the bong was made from gold - but not Colombian Gold.

10.  A declassified Pentagon report revealed that ISIS was created by Western governments.

ISIS is now becoming the most sophisticated and well-armed military in the Middle East, with direct support from our "allies".

Mr 0bama is serving the Saudi King well.