Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hillary's Spy

"Sid, don't tell anyone this is a Top Secret Codeword report"               [AP]

Click here for related story [NY Post - John Tabin]

As Hillary Clinton's emails find their way into the Media, we glean the extent of her security violations, not only in disclosing sensitive Top Secret Compartmented [TSC] information to her old campaign manager, but also in feeding his false information into the State Department Intelligence office [Bureau of Intelligence and Research] from which it was then distributed to the entire US  Intelligence Community.

"Goodness! I'm a spy!"
In this NY Post story, we learn that Hillary fed into the State Department bureaus false data -- implied as "intelligence reports" which were furnished by her old friend and campaign manager, Sid Blumenthal [aka: Hillary's Hatchet Man].

Blumenthal reportedly fed Clinton emails formatted like Intelligence cables, which then became part of the US policy process relating to Libya.  One such report elevated Libyan businessman Najib Obeida among the "most influential of the Libyan Prime Minister's new economic advisors" -- although Blumenthal omitted the fact that Blumenthal was "advising a group of contractors courting Obeida as a potential business partner."

Noteworthy, however, was Blumenthal's feed to Hillary regarding his personal knowledge [via Libyan officials] of the attack on Benghazi which detailed the event identifying Ansar al-Shariah -- which had ties to al Qaeda -- as the attack force.  In spite of this detailed information on the Benghazi attack, Clinton declared to UN Ambassador Rice that the attack was by "demonstrators" inspired by the now infamous video.

We've seen other email records of Clinton corresponding with Blumenthal in which Clinton is openly filling in Blumenthal on Top Secret Codeword information - restricted to the "Eyes Only" category for a very limited audience in the Presidential suite.  Those emails alone can be the basis for her conviction on violations of National Security -- but, we'll have to wait for Congress to act.

In another NY Post revelation, Clinton's nearly invisible advisor [aka: operative] was responsible for identifying and "preserving [aka: deleting] all emails theta could potentially be federal records".

Cheryl Mills, in 1998 [during Bill's Administration] was the subject of a demand by House Oversight Committee staffers for criminal prosecution after she
"... knowingly and willfully obstructed the investigative authority of this Committee by withholding documents.  Ms Mills lied under oath about the documents and the circumstances surrounding their non-production."

In October, 2012, Mills pulled damning documents from State Department files which would have revealed the actual details of the attack on Benghazi.  The US Deputy Ambassador to Libya testified that Mills ordered him by phone to "stop cooperating with investigators."

According to the Post, a House Select Committee on Benghazi staffer has advised that if Mills were subpoena'd to testify under oath, the entire Benghazi cover-up by the Administration and Clinton would crumble.

As the case mounts against Hillary, Congressman Pete Olson [R-TX] supported the Special Operations Speaks [SOS] PAC which calls for the "late impeachment [of Hillary Clinton] over her unlawful actions as US Secretary of State."   Olson notes:
"A fundamental tenet of our democracy is the notion that no one is above the law.  Not our citizens, our Presidents, lawmakers, or Cabinet members."

SOS cites Hillary's blatant violation of federal law by creating and using a personal email server to transmit Top Secret intelligence to unauthorized persons, and later attempted to delete those emails in the face of subpoenas.

Additional citations establish the unlawful conflicts of interest involving the Clinton Foundation which laundered $500 million in "donations" from foreign governments "...during Clinton's negotiations with them regarding trade, sanction, and humanitarian deals.

The noose seems to be tightening around Clinton's political neck; we would not be surprised to see Valerie Jarrett unleash evidence against her as a means to settle old political scores.

As a footnote, the New York Times reported that Blumenthal "... was simultaneously working for the [Clinton] Foundation, entities with business interests in Libya, and providing foreign policy advice [and disinformation] to Hillary Clinton while she was at the State Department [as Secretary of State].

Blumenthal has now been subpoena'd to appear before the House Select Committee on Benghazi; we'll be interested in that testimony since the Democrats won't be able to derail those hearings this time around.

It should be interesting, and we certainly hope Hillary stays in the lead on her Presidential campaign -- at least until she is indicted under a "late impeachment" in which Congress would hold Clinton accountable for her criminal activities as a Cabinet Member.