Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another questionable Chairman-JCS

CJCS job is easy; just suck up to 0bama.  I've made a career of that process.

Looks like we have a new Chairman [designate] of the JCS.
Joseph F Dunford, Jr.
Has he passed the 0bama "Litmus Test" [he is willing to shoot American citizens, if ordered]?

We're not sure what his qualifications are though.
His career seems to have consisted primarily of serving as an
1) aide-d'camp,
2) personnel officer,
3) personal assistant,
5) instructor, or
6) flunky on the staff of the JCS.

His nickname: "Fighting Joe"
[we couldn't find a rationale for that name; he may have picked a fight at a Washington cocktail party]

1st Marine Division - platoon and company commander in 3rd Battalion 1st Marines
 and a company commander in 1st Battalion 9th Marines until 1981.
[These were administrative ticket punches]

Aide to commanding general of III Marine Expeditionary Force
[shoe polisher; delivered coffee, shopped with general's wife]
Rewarded with transfer to HQ Marine Corps Officer Assignment Branch
[where he could program his next "command slot" for his next early promotion].

Commanded L Company of 3rd Battalion 6th Marines.
Operations, Plans, and Training Officer: 2nd Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
[Liaison officer means you're not expected to do much, but it counts as "Joint" service - necessary for promotion to flag rank]
Marine ROTC Instructor at Holy Cross College
Instructor: Officer Candidates School at Quantico.
[Does it get any more brutal than this?]

Member of USMC Commandant’s staff group [paper pusher; yes man]

Senior Aide to the Commandant of the Marine Corps
[Supervised the Commandant's junior aide [1LT], served coffee to Commandant].

Executive Officer and later commander: 2nd Battalion 6th Marines from 1996 until 1998
[USMC had reached its bottom in this period].

Executive Assistant to the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (under two Chairmen):
[personal courier and coffee pourer].

Chief, Global and Multilateral Affairs Division (J-5).
[Another Liaison job]

Commanded 5th Marine Regiment, ["invasion" of Iraq]
[Administrative movement of Marines from US to Iraq]

Division chief of staff and assistant commander.
[More admin service and coffee pouring]

So, we now have a Chairman of the JCS who appears to be a clone of the disgrace currently in place; but he will serve 0bama in a most obsequious manner.

PX Kelly: Last of the USMC heroes!

We suspect that General P X Kelly [USMC-Ret] may be in grieving over 0bama's selection of a popinjay as Chairman of the JCS, even though Dunford is a Marine
[well, at least he wears a Marine  uniform.

Notably, Kelly earned four combat medals for valor and actually commanded combat units.