Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chinese Subs dominate Pacific?

China is expanding their nuclear sub fleet,
while the US is lagging behind

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The white pieces are neutralized by encirclement
China is moving ahead in its military strategy of regional dominance, exemplified by the board game of Wei Chi [Go in Japan].  The object of Wei Chi is to control the board by encirclement and elimination of the enemy, element by element, until the winner encircles the entire board -- or area of operations.

As a military strategy, China simply dominates a region by encircling it with Naval forces, causing  foreign navies into a high-stakes face-off with a subsequent massive deployment by its adversary -- or, acquiescence.

China [in 2015] is commissioning three new nuclear attack submarines [Type-093G] capable of firing supersonic anti-ship [YJ-18] missiles -- capable of over-the-horizon attacks on both land targets, and against US Carrier Groups.

According to one expert, the ship's design will have strong anti-ship and counter-submarine capabilities, and will likely be capable of striking land targets with cruise missiles.

So, what does this mean for the US?

Essentially, the Chinese can -- and will win this undeclared war by simply deploying so many effective warships/submarines that its opponents [e.g., the US] will be overwhelmed and "acquiesce".
Game Over!

While the Chinese are building these modern and highly effective warships, the US Navy has trimmed back its submarine program and other combatants, squandering its budget on the ultimately sinkable Littoral Combat Ship [LCS], which is essentially, a 1970s-era Destroyer fitted with a helicopter landing platform.

Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel [whom 0bama fired],  numerous admirals [whom 0bama has since fired], Senator McCain [whom 0bama won't fire], and the Congressional Budget Office have repeatedly slammed the LCS, a poorly designed, leaky tin can, for the past five years for its construction issues and questionable mission [driving around the "littoral" [shoreline] areas of adversaries -- which puts it well within the range of shore batteries firing barrages of missiles.  This bucket of bolts IS armed with missiles, and one 57mm short range canon, but, as one US Navy critic noted:
"... is especially vulnerable to tactical aircraft armed with stand-off anti-ship missiles", or shore batteries launching barrages of missiles at the LCS.

Naval officers will argue that the Chinese have only one Aircraft Carrier, and we have 20.
The problem is, even operating at flank speed, the fastest aircraft carrier can't outrun, or defend against a flock of missiles launched from an undetected Chinese nuclear sub 100 miles away.
 [The Chinese currently have 69 submarines.]

Our experience is just from the Ground-Pounder "Grunt" class, so we don't know much about boats [i.e., floating targets], but this thing, as far as we're concerned, is just a $780 million floating coffin; oh, and to fix all its design flaws [e.g., hull seepage], Lockheed Martin advised Senator McCain it would only cost an additional $75 million per ship -- and still be "under budget".

Admiral Obama

As Bill Hartung [Center for International Policy] noted:

"It's a ship too big to be a corvette (usually costing around $200 million each), too lightly armed or armored to be a destroyer (costing around $1 billion each), and too overweight to be upgraded through a full service life."

We suggest you start learning Chinese, folks, because this Administration seems to be intent on delivering us into the hands of our "new rulers."

Updated [June 2018] Note:
This post dates back to 2015, and as you may have noticed, we have a new President who is addressing the PRC threat, as we speak.  As we've commented throughout the Obama Administration, the Military threat comes NOT from Russia, but rather from China.