Thursday, July 24, 2014

Passports for Sale

While you've been waiting, Terrorists [aka: NSA] hacked into the passport system and scooped up your bio data

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This is just a short blog -- an alert, so to speak. Once again, we find still another federal database breached; this time, it's the Consular Consolidated Database [CCD].

The CCD is the State Department's Passport/Visa database, which logs in all applicant's personal information, to include aliases, maiden names, marriage licenses with parental data, etc.

According to this story, all US citizens living abroad are affected since their personal information is now in the hands of NSA [oh, did we actually say that?] even if they haven't touched a computer in the last ten years, and even if they have avoided contact with any US agency in an attempt to ensure their privacy.

But, we're certain that this was NOT the NSA, but rather "Terrorists", those nasty conniving, and essentially invisible hackers who bear a striking resemblance to NSA operators.  But, NSA is PROTECTING us from those Terrorists, and we allowed Congress to suspend the Constitution to CATCH those evildoers [i.e, all foreigners: men, women, children; and apparently all US citizens].  Why, so far, we have captured how many real Terrorists since 2001:
Well, we think we got Osama bin Laden -- but there wasn't enough left of him to identify him; and, then, here in the US, there was... uh, maybe those Boston Bombers [but, there never was any conclusive evidence against them other than the White baseball caps they wore, for no apparent reason.

And ANYONE who wears a White Baseball Cap in a crowd absolutely, positively HAS to be a Terrorist!

What's to become of all these files in this vast database?
NSA will testify before Congress that they had nothing to do with this breach, but they will put their best people on it right away to find those nasty, conniving "Terrrorists" who are so dangerous to our national security.

Bottom line here, folks, is that if you have any personal information in a federal database, expect it to be "breached" by "terrorists" in the near future.

NSA intends to collect it all!