Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Palestinian Genocide in 10 Seconds

Time-Line Expansion of Israel Through the Eradication of Palestinians [1917 - Present]

This is the latest in our series of guest posts. 
The author requested anonymity given the hostile backlash 
we witness on those who criticize, or simply mention Israel without praise.

The comparison is made between the American "Manifest Destiny" process in which the Native Americans, who initially welcomed the European settlers and offered them food, medicine, and hospitality, were gradually forced off their lands, labeled as "savages" [read "terrorists" in today's political climate], conquered and removed to "reservations." In the history of the Native American relationship with the US Government, the federal government violated virtually every treaty, confiscating land that had been guaranteed to the Native American, and frequently raiding peaceful settlements, driving them into lives of squalor and poverty.

We are reminded of Custer's Last Stand, in which he and his men were defeated and killed at Little Big Horn after Custer's 7th Cavalry, as part of the "Sioux Wars", rode through Indian villages which were devoid of adult males, and slaughtered the women and children. Retribution came in the form of the Battle of Little Big Horn, in which 268 US Cavalry troops were killed.  Eventually, however, technology and manpower of the Whites defeated the Native Americans, replacing them with White settlers and towns.

History repeats itself.

I am ashamed of the treatment of the American Indian since the colonization of the Americas, but I wasn't alive then.   I am, however, alive today and I very clearly see our history repeating itself -- by our "Ally".

What is now the USA was once a land belonging to a people who settled it thousands of years earlier. Colonists, pioneers, settlers, et al., used Guns, Germs & Steel to kill off millions of natives. It would appear, based on the similar settlement patterns in the below time/motion illustrations [.GIFS], that Palestinians are being wiped out just like the American Indian, although today Israelis are using missiles, jet fighters, bombers, and naval bombardment -- plus IDF ground troops.

The massacre of American Indians was justified by calling them savages, while the killing of Palestinians is justified by designating them "terrorists" or "cavemen" as the IDF calls them.  After all, both were designated as enemies -- after they had reached their breaking points by having their lands and rights taken away.

Look familiar?

National Security Adviser Susan Rice on refered to the imbalanced Gaza death toll as "alarming" while Jonathan Topaz of breaks it down:
"[The] lopsided death toll in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come under increased scrutiny as the conflict has worn on. The Associated Press reported Saturday night that 1,047 Palestinians had died since the conflict began, with more than 6,000 wounded, compared with fewer than 50 Israelis.
        "The United Nations estimated last week that 75 percent of those Palestinians 
          killed were civilians [most of whom were women and children]."


And, recent Israeli air and ground attacks were directed at UN facilities in Gaza which housed non-combatant refugees attempting to escape bombardment of their homes.

Recent events:

1) Gaza market bombed during Israel army 'pause'
At least 17 killed and 200 injured in Shujayea, an area Israel said was not included in four-hour humanitarian window.

2) Israeli fire kills refugees in Gaza UN school
19 die in Jabaliya attack condemned by UN agency as "source of universal shame" that breaks international law.

3) Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day
Hundreds of attacks send toll soaring, while Gaza's only power station shuts down after being hit.

Let's call a spade a spade: what is happening in Gaza is a War Crime. It is called Ethnic Cleansing and it is a practice reminiscent of the purges in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, and Nazi Germany.  Seems the Israelis learned how this works from the Nazis, whose lead the Israelis are now emulating.

Foreign Ministry of IsraelInstitute of Historical ReviewReutersJewish Virtual Library

Is there a pattern here?
Ethnic Cleansing?  Genocide?

Those traditionally have been regarded as War Crimes, and the UN intervened in some, to include the 1994 massacre of nearly one million Tutsis by Hutus in the Rwandan Genocide.  Although Israel's attacks on Gaza have sparked condemnation around the world, with thousands of demonstrators calling attention to the situation, the US Media focuses almost exclusively on the scores of Israelis killed, and essentially ignores the more than one thousand Palestinians killed - most being civilian women and children.

Will the IDF banner be altered to resemble the swastika?