Saturday, July 12, 2014

Israel Retaliates Against Hamas

Targets include hospitals, elderly care, schools, and charity centers - AKA: "military covers"

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Another in our series of guest columns 
We've heard nothing but Israel's version of the Hamas attacks on Israel.  
This is an Arab's viewpoint
Zaid G AbulGhanam

[By:  Zaid G AbulGhanam]

This whole conflict is a joke now.

I'm Arab, and I'll be self-critical before criticizing others,
as I expect from everyone else.

It seems that everyone in Gaza is fighting different fights;
no one is fighting for the same things anymore.

This breakdown of organization and the lingering, lasting effects of Israel controlling Palestinian imports [oil, gas, food, water, medicine, concrete, etc.] has led to this dismantling of the Palestinian society.  I feel for my fellow Arabs, and I wish there were a peaceful solution for them.  However, there isn't, and, although I don't condone Hamas shooting bottle rockets into the city, I equally don't condone Israel targeting charity houses and other civilian infrastructures.

Israel has all the technology, and yet they show little remorse and empathy with the Palestinians.  You can't compare the damage Israel hs caused to what Hamas has done.  Israel will always have more blood on their hands.

Which brings me to the next point:
Didn't Israel learn anything from the Holocaust?
We remember it every year when it is convenient for Israel, and they throw it everyone's face lie we are going to forget about it.

However, am I the only one who sees hypocrisy?

Israel is being built by Zionists for Zionists and favors them over other citizens making those citizens less equal. They are building an empire tat will empower themselves to become the future world leaders.  If we stay complacent and let them continue getting away with present day genocide, then eventually we will all be next.

Stand up for the Palestinians, because if you don't, we will be next!

[Our thanks to AbulGhanam for his comments today]