Monday, June 30, 2014


US SF deployed to Iraq by President obama now number 750

Click here for related story [Josh Lederman, AP]

It appears we have two new developments in the Middle East, both attributable to Mr obama -- who has been lying to the US public as blatantly as if he were an IRS bureaucrat, or even JimmyBob Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence.  How do we know he's lying?
-  His lips are moving
-  We have unquestionable evidence that the facts directly contradict his statements.

The man has lied virtually every time he has opened his mouth.

Here are statements vs facts:

1)  Mr obama suggested he was "considering" sending 300 US "advisors" to Iraq.
     a)  Those 300 Advisors are SF troops who are now on the ground
     b)  Those "300" are now 750 combat troops preparing for combat
     c)  Those 750 troops, with boots fully planted on Iraq soil, are being denied
           hazardous duty pay [a whopping $7.50 per day]
- while Michelle vacations at a million dollars a day!

ISIS parades their SCUD [aka: WMD]
2)  ISIS reportedly has captured a SCUD missile,
      a) The SCUD has a range of up to 700 km.
      b)  This missile is capable of carrying
            a nuclear warhead
      c)  This missile is believed to have been
            captured in Iraq from Sadam's Army
      d)  This missile is a WMD -- which the
            Democrats tell us were never in Iraq.
      e)   A Brookings "expert" has dubbed this
            SCUD as nearly useless.
            [In fact, it IS totally useless unless it is
            armed with a warhead, fueled and fired into population centers.

It is just as useless as the T-55 tanks rolling
T-55 Tank [Dangerous Instrument of War]
through the streets of Raqqa; those tanks ARE useless, unless they begin firing 100mm artillery rounds at US troops.

The leftist wags tell us how ineffective and harmless all these radical extremists are, except that they are not the ones who have to face off against these folks -- and possibly die.

Isn't it strange how these folks who have never had to operate in a combat environment are so anxious to downplay the dangerous part of radicals using heavy weaponry to maim and kill you?