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The news is awash with stories about Bowe Bergdahl, the Army Private from Idaho taken prisoner on 30 June 2009 under mysterious circumstances, and whose fate has remained a bit of a mystery -- until just a few days ago.  That's when we learned he'd been released to US custody in exchange for five top Taliban terrorist leaders who were formerly guests at Guantanamo.

The negotiations with the Taliban had apparently been going on for months by the Administration without the knowledge of Congress, or Afghan President Karzai - our ally.  Now, Congress is a bit miffed since negotiating with terrorists has been illegal for quite some time, although the Administration has generally viewed legal issues as mere fluff when it comes to violation federal law and the precepts of the Constitution.

Soldiers from Bergdahl's former unit [1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment] are not overjoyed at his repatriation since the Administration is painting Bergdahl as a hero.
As Sergeant Matt Vierkant noted recently,
"Bergdahl deserted during a time of war, and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him."

Reportedly, Bergdahl left his guard post, left his weapons, and exited with only his knife, a compass, his camera and diary, and water.  Extensive searches for Bergdahl resulted in skirmishes which took the lives of six members of his platoon; notably, following Bergdahl's disappearance, there seemed to be an increase in the number of attacks on US units in Paktika Province.

The six soldiers who died during search and rescue operations for Bergdahl were:

1) Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen
2) PFC Morris Walker
3) Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtis
4) Lieutenant Darryn Andrews
5) PFC Matthew Martinek
6) Staff Sergeant Michael Murphy

All regional resources were redirected towards recovering Bergdahl, leaving combat outposts vulnerable for lack of direct support, indirectly costing the lives of more US soldiers.

Bergdahl's fellow soldiers early began questioning the reports of his capture and instead began communicating that he had actually deserted were then ordered to cease and desist, and were forced to sign NDAs [Non-Disclosure Agreement] under penalty of prosecution.  So, they remained relatively silent until now.

But now, it seems they're shredding those agreements.
Former Sergeant Evan Buetow, reportedly Bergdahl's team leader prior to his desertion, claims Military Intelligence intercepted enemy communications reporting an American soldier looking for an English speaker so he could talk to the Taliban.  Buetow went on to say that "over the next couple of months, attacks on US forces were "more directed" and IEDs became precision explosions, far more accurate and timed than seen previously.  Buetow indicated it seemed far more than coincidental.

Most who are aware of the circumstances of his disappearance, the cost in human life of the search and rescue operations, his reported collaboration with the enemy, and the release of Taliban terrorists in exchange for his release, are stunned that the President has announced his intent to promote Bergdahl -- who was promoted to Sergeant while a guest of the Taliban for five years.

So, in exchange for this fellow, who remains with US forces for health review and debriefing, five Taliban leaders were released from Guantanamo.

Former Gitmo Guests and Comrade Bergdahl [oneoldvet.com]
The previously detained Taliban

1) Khair Ulla Said Wali Khairkhwa [a friend of Afghan President Hamid Karzai] and reportedly was/is a major drug lord.
2) Mullah Mohammad Fazi, charged by the UN in connection with "... the massacre of thousands of Afghan Shiittes during Taliban rule."
3) Mullah Norullah Noori, former governor of the Taliban dominated Balkh Province. [Denied links to Taliban]
4) Abdul Haq Wasiq, deputy chief of the Taliban Intelligence Service [his cousin headed the Service].   He denied links to militant groups.
5) Mohammad Nabi Omari, a minor Taliban official in Khost Province; associated with Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin and al Qaeda.  Claimed to have worked with a US operative to track down Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

Interestingly, the "urgency" of this swap
[much like the urgency of most of the Democrats' actions since the passage of ObamaCare]
was so great due to Bergdahl's declining health
"...we needed to get him out of there essentially to save his life!" 
which of course, begs the question as to why there was no urgency to save the lives of the six soldiers who died trying to rescue Bergdahl once he deserted.

Oddly, SGT Bergdahl now reportedly has " ... difficulty speaking English " and we're reminded of the TV series Homeland in which a US Marine is repatriated after being a prisoner of the Islamic Evil-Doers for several years.

An Administration counter-terrorism official noted that it's quite possible he Bergdahl "collaborated with the enemy" - wow! now there's a revelation.

But, Jay Carney assures us the Administration did NOT negotiate with Terrorists because Bergdahl was a POW -- not a hostage.

Strange how we seem to be prepped for so many events now by Hollywood [e.g., our first Black President, our next Female President [Hillary?], our domestic War on Terror, our rough and ready police forces which are now wearing SWAT uniforms and weaponry for routine police actions?].

So, where will this story take us?
Well, after the President's appearance in the Rose Garden Bergdahl's parents, we can only assume this story will serve to distract the public once again from Benghazi, and the wayward Malaysian Flight ML370.

But, we'll do our best to keep each story in the news, in spite of Valerie Jarrett's machinations to distract us from issues which will eventually bring Mr obama into the Impeachment process.

[For additional analysis of this unfolding event, we refer you to Rick Francona's blog]