Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Russia Ends US Satellite Program

Mr Putin ends US Space Program

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Here's a surprise.

JimmyBob is watching you; Do you feel safer?

Russia has cut off the US access to its rocket engines which were to be used to launch Defense reconnaissance satellites.

To be clear, these launches tied to the NSA/NRO eavesdropping surveillance program not only on US citizens, but, by golly, on the Russians too.  Imagine that.

Earlier this month, we noted that Lockheed Martin and Boeing [via NPO Energomash] had been awarded a sole-source contract to sell rocket engines to the US Air Force [USAF] to launch US Military reconnaissance satellites into space - violating US trade embargo legislation against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine/Crimea.

No other US companies were allowed to bid; and Elon Musk [aka: Iron Man] sued in court
-- and won!

At that time, we warned against both sole source contracts [essentially illegal -- unless of course, we're dealing with one of the Big Five Defense Contractors] since they would eliminate open competition, cost savings, and, oh gosh -- that ancient concept called "business integrity", a term no longer in common usage in Defense contracting.

[Does anyone remember that JimmyBob Clapper used to head Raytheon, which now is routinely awarded major Intelligence and Defense Community contracts which are sole source?  You remember JimmyBob, our Director of National Intelligence -- the guy who blatantly perjured himself before Congress not long ago?]

But, we digress.

We also pointed out that, not only is Russia on our trade embargo list for invading Ukraine and Crimea
[that naughty Mr Putin keeps poking his finger into Mr obama's eye to see if he can find Mr obama's Red Line]
we also noted that it's NEVER a good idea to depend on an enemy, or even a Potential Adversary as our sole source supplier of Defense materiel systems.

Now, one would think this would be common sense, but, when our Director of National Intelligence is JimmyBob Clapper, who had very close ties to Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin while he was in the private sector [who says government workers are underpaid], then the process changes somewhat, because if JimmyBob got any closer to those companies, he'd be accused of having a sexual relationship with them.

God help us!
Think of little JimmyBobs scampering all about Washington and through the halls of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, throwing tiny sole-million dollar source contracts over the transoms.
[Why, it would be almost as corrupt as the HHS contract system.]

But, we've digressed again, and we apologize for burdening you with such a perverted image.

Back to reality.
If we are to have an effective National Defense system, we certainly can't be awarding sole source contracts to our enemies so they can cut off our supplies just before a war begins.

Damned Czech Warranty just ran out!

The Russians figured this one out when the Eastern Bloc pulled away, and just as they were about to invade Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, and Poland, et al, they realized that their brand new tanks were falling apart, their new light artillery pieces were malfunctioning, and their Polish-built ships were leaking like sieves -- because they were built by the very Communist Satellite countries they were about to invade.

In the end, the USSR collapsed because of such stupid decisions;
i.e., don't award military sole source contracts to your potential adversaries.

Will Mr obama's USSA suffer the same fate?