Friday, May 2, 2014

DIA Chiefs Forced Out!

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Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency [DIA], Lieutenant General [Army] Michael Flynn, and his Deputy, David Shedd, have both announced their retirements

Officially, Flynn is being forced out because
"... His vision in DIA was seen as disruptive; he's not a guy to take the agency foreword in a coordinated and comprehensive manner."

Peer criticism of Flynn was that his management style
" '... sowed chaos, setting aggressive plans for changes without adequate follow-through' within the agency."

Within DIA, the staff was in revolt because Flynn wanted to force the analysts and operators
"... up and out of their cubicles into the field to support war fighters or high-intensity operations."

All that criticism has merit, particularly since DIA is a headquarters staff organization, rather than one geared for combat.  It performs strategic analysis which requires time and considerable inter-agency coordination -- much of it informal face to face and off-the-record.

Operators in DIA would be either attaches or clandestine operatives, neither of whom are programmed for "combat" roles, although all will likely have served in combat previously.  In Washington, Intelligence officers act and dress like executives, complete with suit [dress uniform] and tie -- not combat fatigues with velcro tags hanging off.  Ultimately, Intelligence officers need to blend into the environment -- not stand out like a SWAT officer.

Flynn's concept of DIA operations is more suited to the managing the Army's Intelligence and Security Command [INSCOM] which provides brigades and groups in direct support of combat corps and theater operations.  All those units are ready to jump, per Flynn's "... up and out of their cubicles into the field to support war fighters and/or high intensity operations."  They're combat-ready from the git-go, they have combat experience, and they are fully in tune with the combat units they support.  When they need highly refined, precise, strategic intelligence on an actionable target, they communicate with DIA.  And, many of these INSCOM folks will eventually graduate to DIA positions.

Although Flynn was mentored by JimmyBob Clapper, he has not been well regarded at DIA, which is disappointing since he is a fairly smart guy and has a good track record.

We recommended him for the slot several years ago based on his experience, and the fact that he had actual military experience versus the faux experience which JimmyBob Clapper could claim.

[JimmyBob's singular claim to fame in the Intelligence Community is that he provided perjured testimony to Congress on NSA illegal activities -- and got away with it.]

Unfortunately, Flynn involved himself in the Clandestine Service
 [once, erroneously, having laid claim to creating it].

Mike, Clandestine Ops do not include a SWAT assault!
In so doing, he confused Clandestine with Covert, and substituted Rangers and SEALs for espionage officers.

The result was any number of highly visible fiascos, the latest of which resulted in Ecuador declaring 20 DOD personnel Persona Non Grata and expelling them from the country - an international incident highly visible throughout the world, with the exception of the USA where it was a "Media non-incident".

Fortunately, this debacle did not make US Media coverage, but we, of course, are delighted to correct that oversight.

[We grieve, of course, since we constructed the DOD Clandestine Service in 1984, staffed with 
well -educated, highly experienced professionals skilled in language and area knowledge, and
with in-depth support networks supporting highly successful and virtually invisible operations.  Both the Senate and House Intelligence Committees were highly pleased with the intelligence acquired and the resulting production.  Sadly, under Clinton, the organization came under attack by then-DCI George Tenet who was convinced that only CIA could conduct clandestine operations; by the time it was recreated, the professionals had all been cashiered and replaced by unskilled place-holders who used the positions as Joint-Service ticket punches].

DD/DIA Shedd [Dingbat?]
As for Deputy Director Shedd, we know little of him, other than his appearance at a luncheon a few months back; his comments seem to have been scripted by the White House, and he came across as a total fop.   Others referred to him as a Nimrod or a Buffoon.

His intelligence career seems to have been as a horse-holder and paper-shuffler with no record whatever of accomplishment, and he is/was a total embarrassment to the Intelligence Community.

As a public speaker, he managed to lull a luncheon full of accomplished former Intelligence officers to sleep with a barrage of meaningless PowerPoint slides, representing perhaps the most disappointing speaker before that august group in its history.

We suspect, however, that there is far more to this firing of Flynn and Shedd than meets the eye.

It is highly unusual for the two top executives of an Intelligence organization to "retire" abruptly -- simultaneously.  The Ecuador fiasco likely played a role in this abrupt change, but would not explain the departure of two top Intelligence executives -- no matter how incompetent [after all, the worst and most incompetent DIA Director (Jimmy Williams) continues to hold that title virtually unchallenged].

Are they anticipating subpoenas from Congress over Benghazi?

Could they be concerned that the elections in November could put them at risk in an Impeachment process?

Or, did the Oval Office give them pink slips to replace them with two more toadies who will follow orders to spy/report on US citizens, and on other military officers.  Will the role of DIA now become as an official investigating agency monitoring the loyalty [to the Oval Office] of our key DOD personnel?

And, will the resources of DIA now be suborned to the Department of Homeland Security as our Leader from Behind develops his police state prior to the November elections?

We predict the new Director and new Deputy Director will be either female, or "of color" in keeping with other key personnel at DHS, DOJ, etc.

Today, rumors include the following selectee:

LTG Legare 
Lieutenant General Mary A Legare is currently serving as the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence.

Her military career has been notable for an absence of significant accomplishment, and her advancement through the ranks appears to be based on both the fact that she is a token, asexual female and she makes no waves.

But, let's not forget that she supported and approved the $4 Billion software program called Distributed Common Ground System - Army [DCGS-A], which has an actual life-cycle cost of $28 Billion; the objective of DCGS-A was to disseminate actionable intelligence throughout the five military Services, but which has failed miserably.
[We provided a relatively simple software years earlier which accomplished this task at a fraction of the cost of DCGS-A] - but it was rejected.

Legare suppressed and rejected an excellent, easy to use Intelligence software and instead, promoted DCGS-A, which was rated as unusable and unreliable; and, which combat commanders and Intelligence officers condemned as it cost lives due to its problems of use.

But, she was likely selected in spite of her history as a pawn of Defense contractors and lack of sensitivity to the needs of combat troops.

California Republican Representative Duncan Hunter, a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, sits on the House Armed Services Committee and condemned Legare's nomination; likely because she played a pivotal role in the political assault on Lt Colonel Jason Amerine, the Special Forces officer charged with negotiating the release of Bowe Bergdahl, the infamous deserter whose actions cost the lives of his comrades who thought he'd been captured.

Amerine came under direct assault by President Obama because Amerine discussed the appalling details of the Bergdahl case with Hunter -- who then inquired why five Taliban terrorists were exchanged for Bergdahl, leaving behind five other US hostages.  Amerine was arrested by the Army CID [Criminal Investigation Division] on the grounds that he had violated National Security by speaking with Representative Hunter -- in private.  Obama's [and Legare's] targeting and persecution of Amerine caused him to lose pay and promotion, and forced him out of the Army.

In the end game, we expect she'll take direction well from the Oval Office with orders to spy on her fellow military officers who choose to not obey Administration orders to "fire on civilians".

As for Flynn, with his myriad of faults, we suspect he rebelled against this litmus test, i.e., determining if selectees for Military leadership will obey orders to fire on civilians -- which may be the real reason for his firing.