Thursday, May 1, 2014

Court backs Musk Against USAF for Ignoring Russian Sanctions

US SPACE PROGRAM: Sole Source Contract to Russia

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Is Iron Man taking on the US Air Force for their corrupt practices?

A US Court of Federal Claims has issued an injunction prohibiting a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing from proceeding with plans to buy Russian-made rocket engines to send US Air Force satellites into space.

This ties to a SOLE SOURCE multi-billion dollar award for 36 Russian boosters to United Launch Alliance whose contract with the USAF partnership with NPO Energomash, a Russian government owned company which manufactures liquid propellant rocket engines.

SOLE SOURCE? to a Russian Government owned company?
WTF happened to competitive bidding -- including US companies!

Last we checked, the US had economic sanctions against Russia.
Last we checked, US companies, such as SpaceX, manufacture engines and rockets to launch [successfully] satellites.

Although LM and Boeing are great contributors to US politicians, we're hoping that some of them will recoil against these companies which dominate our Defense process -- and budget.

Time to drag in the Secretary of the Air Force to explain WHY we are buying rocket engines from Russia while proclaiming economic sanctions against Russia and sending our troops [two battalions] to protect Poland and Ukraine.

Iron Man vs DOD?
Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors is CEO of SpaceX; he was the founder of PayPal, Zip2, and the inventor of Hyperloop [a high speed transportation system].

He is reportedly the role model for Tony Stark {Iron Man}.

Musk has very deep pockets and will enjoy this battle against DOD favorites which pretty much dominate the entire Defense industry.

It appears the Washington Post is defending the USAF, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing in this process
-- perhaps because they are major advertisers.


Following this court decision against the USAF - Lockheed Martin - Boeing cabal, the Pentagon had the gall to announce that it can't replace the Russian rocket engines -- and thus cannot launch military satellites [implying that national security is at risk!].

Russian Assault on Ukraine  [NDU]
So, we are to interpret from this announcement that US national defense depends almost entirely on Russian products -- although, at the moment, Russia has become our potential adversary against whom we may soon go to war over their invasion of Ukraine/Crimea.

Notably, we have launched two Army battalions to Poland, and, it would appear, Mr obama is intent on creating a war with Russia, perhaps to be a "war-time President" to avoid the heat he is under now due to Benghazi revelations.

Now, in normal times, if such an incongruous event we're to occur, the Secretary of the Air Force and the USAF Chief of Staff would both be fired, along with the heads of USAF and DOD procurement
[actually, they would all be arrested and tried for fraud].


We can only assume that, once again, Mr 0bama and his cronies are involved in this sleazy deal which adds to the evisceration of the Military and makes the US vulnerable to our enemies. Now, to demonstrate that the US is NOT solely dependent on Russia for rocket engines, Evon Musk [CEO of SpaceX] launched his reusable rocket system to an altitude of 1,000 meters, and then precisely returned it via a soft landing to its launch pad -- ready for a new launch.

[Click here for YouTube Video of SpaceX launch]

"This is not SpaceX protesting and saying these launches should be awarded to us.  We're just saying these launches should be competed.  If we compete and lose, that's fine.  But why would they not even compete it?  That doesn't make any sense."


Musk's SpaceX successfully launched its rocket carrying a load for the Space Station.
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