Saturday, April 5, 2014

Maryland political extortion fails

House of Cards plays hardball with Maryland extortionists           [(c)   Reuers Photo: Mario Anzuoni]

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Maryland's Bait&Switch operation using tax credits to induce Netflix House of Cards producers to film in Maryland -- and then reneging on that promise by cutting the tax credits for this season drew a  hostile response from the show's producers.

Netflix filming in Maryland "created hundreds of jobs and pumped millions into the local economies" -- creating personal and business tax revenues equal to or greater than the tax incentives, not to speak of creating an incentive for other film productions in the state.

But, then, the greedy thugs in the Maryland State Legislature went for the throat, and figured a deal really wasn't a deal, and they could extort Netflix into filming in Maryland with greatly reduced tax incentives -- down from $26 million to $ million and threaten to seize their sets if they left.

When Netflix producers [Media Rights Capital] sent a note to Governor O'Malley [D] to advise that "In the event sufficient incentives do not become available, we will ... have to set up in another state."

The Maryland House of Delegates then announced they would try to use Eminent Domain to
"... seize 'House of Cards' sets and property if filming were to move out of Maryland".   They now are considering that "... shows that receive tax credits commit to spending a certain number of years in the state."

Why, Chicago politicians would be proud with this extortion attempt [although Mr obama would likely have sent in some thugs to threaten the families of the producers].

Model for Maryland politicians              []
Hat's off to Maryland for demonstrating to the nation once again what a center of corruption and greed Annapolis has become through Democrat's domination.

To other film producers, we recommend they look across the Potomac at Virginia, which provides such tax incentives without threats or extortion.