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Did USG hijack Flight 370?

See UPDATE re Malaysian Flight MH17 at the end of this blogpost.

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Who had reason to hijack Malaysian Flight MH370?
Was it the US Government, possibly working with the Israeli Mossad as a false flag operation?

We, along with many other professional analysts, had concluded early on that Malaysian Flight MH370 had been hijacked, but we weren't sure who was responsible.  Possibly Islamic extremists, linked to the jailed Malaysian opposition leader, whom the MH370 pilot supported, and whose political rally the pilot had attended not long before he piloted Flight MH370 into oblivion.  Would it seem logical to hijack an airliner to highlight Malaysian politics -- and trade the passengers for release of a political prisoner?

And, a number of former intelligence and military analysts from a variety of countries speculated it was a false flag hijacking with the objective of using the plane to create another false flag catastrophic incident such as 9/11; some speculated that the plane would be loaded with explosives and directed at a highly populated area, and then blamed on Iranian terrorists -- thus presenting the option to declare war on Iran.

And, that remains a workable projection
-- notably, Jonathon Pollard, the Israeli spy, is once again in the news as his release is being negotiated, perhaps as a trade-off to obtain Mossad's assistance in this hijacking.

But, still, what would be the rationale for this false-flag operation!

Buried in the Washington Post's weekend Health, Science & Environment section, we find a story calling for the modernization of tracking technology.

Just as 9/11 resulted in the creation of the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security [with 240,000 employees and tens of thousands of contractors] to make us secure from "terrorists", will we now have legislation, or an Executive Order, which controls and monitors every airplane flight, private and commercial, in the world?

Is that what this is all about?

Notably, aviation safety advocates call for

1) Tamperproof equipment that would stream data in real time to satellites and relay a plane's position.

2)  Chris McLaughlin (SVP of Inmarsat, which tracked the flight path of MH370) advises:
"As a ticket-payer, wouldn't you like to know that the authorities know where your plane is at all times?" [Instituting such a process would net Inmarsat as much as $3 Billion per year.]

3)  Mary Schiavo, formerly of the Federal Aviation Administration, would like
     "full Black Box data streamed to ground locations during flight."
     She advised such information would have "helped in 9/11"
     a)  We're not sure how it would have helped;
          [perhaps creating a new federal agency like DHS to track all airliners taking off from Boston?]
     b)  Star Navigation Systems Group markets such technology at $50,000 per plane, and $10 per
          hour to track each plane (if installed, it would cost the airline industry $3 Billion per year).
          Think in terms of the airline industry which cuts costs by denying you a bag of peanuts on
          your flight.

4)  But, Sean Cassidy [Alaska Airlines pilot and national safety coordinator for the
      Airline Pilots Association, Intl, advised that his
     "organization is wary of such a sweeping change in industry practice."
     He notes rhetorically [as do we]
     a)  "How is the data being used?
     b)  "How is it being protected? and,
     c)  "How is it really driving up the safety case?
     d)  "If this is such an incredibly, exceedingly rare event [known in the industry as a "one-off"], 
           ... it's a bit premature to begin discussing why way we would transmit this data until we
           understand if that would have made much of a difference in how this flight [ML370] 
           ended up."

5)  The UN's International Civil Aviation Organization studied the overall problems and concluded that it would be a good idea to boost the battery power of the Black Boxes to increase the strength of the beacon signals.  [Hmm, how much did they spend to reach that conclusion?]

6)  As we've noted before, NASA boasts it can track a meteor the size of a grapefruit a million miles out; why can't our satellite systems - civil as well as intelligence, track a metallic object that is nearly 250 feet long.  There are hundreds of imagery satellites hovering over Earth, to include Google Earth relays, which can track an object under three feet in diameter.

And yet, our government tells us they can't find a 250 foot steel tube that weighs over 300 tons?

But, we've digressed.
We asked in our title:
Did the USG hijack Flight MH370?

And we tend to agree with professional analysts who believe this may be the case since precedents have now been established using 9/11 to dissolve the Bill of Rights and to establish DHS with its 240,000 employees, amplified by the expansion of police-state power engendered in the highly questionable "terrorist bomb attack" in Boston, and the "lone gunman" attacks in Aurora, Newtown and the DC Navy Yard which were used as the basis for mandatory registration of personal firearms and the outlawing of ownership of "automatic/assault weapons" by private citizens.

So, imagine our surprise at the announcement that IBM software engineer, Philip Wood, listed as passenger #171 on the MH370 manifest, had successfully transmitted a voice/text message via his iPhone 5, along with a black/obscured photo:
Philip Wood, IBM Engineer - Technical Storage Executive
"I have been held hostage by unknown military personal [sic] after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded).  
"I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell.  
"My name is Philip Wood.  I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

Diego Garcia       [Global Security]
The photo, though black [it was apparently taken in an unlit cell] carries a digital Exif signature and GPS coordinates [common to digital photographs taken with your cell phone], which placed his cell phone when the photo was taken within three (3) miles of Diego Garcia, a US Navy base with extremely limited access.

Now, if we are to believe other "truthers" [those with tin-foil caps], Diego Garcia was also the destination of the passengers who supposedly died in the crash of American Airlines Flights 11 and 77, United Airlines Flights 175 and 93.

DG Aircraft support facilities abound

We are told that Diego Garcia is one of the most closely guarded military bases in the world, and is fully equipped with radar and sophisticated surveillance equipment, plus a full complement of US Navy combat vessels, plus an airfield capable of accommodating the landing and subsequent takeoff of a commercial aircraft the size of MH370.

Rumors include stories of Diego Garcia being the site for covert interrogations of enemies of the US, but, we can't confirm such allegations; we simply don't know.

If this hypothesis withstands scrutiny, would the passengers still be alive?

Or, would they be summarily executed to avoid disclosure and potential embarrassment.

China, we've heard via the internet, is already investigating Diego Garcia as the possible secret destination of MH370, and will likely not be terribly receptive to such a hijacking, nor will it be amused by USG backpedalling since it will have already intercepted communications involving US complicity.  China's intelligence satellites would likely have tracked the entire flight of MH370 from the point it was hijacked until it landed -- perhaps in Diego Garcia.

We've also seen reports of replicas of MH370 which would be crashed into the sea to provide wreckage for the Media to swoon over, and spend weeks reporting on in the hopes some survivors might be found.  If bodies were found, it might be worthwhile to perform autopsies to see how and when these passengers were killed.

It seems the US Government is anxious to engage in another military action, what with the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and North Korea just doesn't have the resources to sustain a military conflict in excess of 30 minutes.

So, it's been theorized that a war with Iran could be initiated by using MH370 as a False Flag Iranian attack vehicle on, say, a NATO city or military base.  The outrage might be as successful as the 9/11 attacks were in launching US attacks on the Middle East and the ethereal, trillion dollar hunt for Osama bin Laden [or, someone who looked like him].

The down side of that scenario would be a highly annoyed China, which would not be amused by the hijacking, and possible execution of a large number of its citizens by the USG.  We've already been involved in a land war with China, and continue to rue that event since we did not fare well at all.

But, if nothing else, this hijacking has certainly served to divert world attention from the Russian invasion of Crimea; but, that is a story for another blogpost.

We now have a crashed Malaysian airliner with a few bodies, but, oddly no visible seats or major components of the plane.
We speculated earlier that MH370 has been parked in a hanger in Diego Garcia, while its passengers resided in dark prison cells [to include the IBM engineer who was able to send out a GPS-traceable image].

Following up on our earlier conspiracy theory -- outlined above -- we concluded that MH370 was hijacked and stored to be used as the basis for another international crisis.  And, as luck would have it, our Leader From Behind has been getting slammed from all quarters as all the scandals are building a prison wall around him [well, he's still on the golf course, so he's still free].  But, the Democrats are scrambling off the Obama boat and hoping they'll be reelected in spite of being tied to him.  And the Senate appears to be turning Red with the November election; that of course opens the door for the House to initiate Impeachment proceedings, which will take a couple of months to process and be ready for the trial on 21 January, 2015.

Justified US entering WWI
So, what better time to create the distraction of an international crisis than with an act of war which is almost as heinous as the Sinking of the Lusitania -- which drew the United States into World War I.

By golly, if we rattle sabers with the Russkies, our Leader from Behind can distract American voters from all the White House scandals, and he may not have to declare Martial Law to displace the November elections after all.

An alternate theory appearing on the FB site "Finding Philip Wood" accuses Israel of having hijacked MH370 to use as a false flag incident at some point in the future.

Coincidentally, the shoot-down of MH17 comes at the beginning of Ramadan, and, oddly enough, in time to distract the world from the Israeli "defensive" act of bombing, invading, and bulldozing Gaza in retaliation for Hamas firing rockets into Israel.  The accusation is that Israeli agents are firing the rockets from Gaza, disguised as Hamas.  And much of Europe, not dominated by a tightly controlled press as in the US, is protesting vehemently against Israel's actions in Gaza, yet, we see little reference to that in the US.

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