Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sochi: Declaration of War?

Academic Song & Dance Ensemble - Moscow Military District

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Lots of good fun and music at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, as the Russky songsters bait the Ukraine and the European Union.

Passive Aggressive posturing?  Or a veiled warning of future aggression.
Seems reminiscent of the 1936 Olympics with similar posturing by another famous leader; interestingly, that Olympic torch was delivered to the chorus of Handel's Messiah.

Some may recall that Russia in previous decades was the lead component of the USSR and the undeclared enemy of the USA.  But, when the USSR collapsed following Reagan's strategic defense moves, Russia emerged as our best buddy, and they are now giving us warm Bear Hugs.

The link which leads this article is one of the opening songs of the Winter Olympics, hosted by our Best Buddies, the Russians - a fun-loving lot whose history includes luminaries such as Lenin and Stalin, the latter being the fellow whose "Social Engineering" program purged hundreds of thousands of citizens and Military leaders using allegations of espionage, sabotage, anti-government agitation, and conspiracy; the purging ranged from arrest and detention in Gulag labor camps [which bear a striking resemblance to our very own FEMA camps] where many dissidents died from exposure, starvation, or simply, summary execution.  Efficiency prevailed in many cases as batches of dissidents were simply loaded into the back of vans and gassed. 

The total of the purged deceased ranged from a minimum number of only 10 million to a maximum of 60 million.  Now that, is the epitome of Social Engineering
[Something we can look forward to here in the good old USA (will it become the USSA?)].

Now, as a footnote, we'd like to highlight that Mr Obama's strategist, David Axelrod, is reportedly the grandson of two of Mr Stalin's closest political advisors, and the son of Russian emigres who created and managed a major Communist organization right here in the USA.  Oddly, most references to that history [of which there used to be many] seem to have been purged from the Internet; alas.

Notably, our very own Bill Clinton, while a Rhodes Scholar attending Oxford [but reportedly rarely in class], spent an extended period with a young KGB intern in the USSR named Vlad Putin -- who also rose to become his country's leader. Do you think they stayed in touch in later years?  Could Vlad have been Bill's handler?  Could Vlad's KGB linkage explain Bill's funding, and the mysterious suicides and deaths of oh, so many folks who could testify against Bill and derail his political career?

Is that a coincidence, or what! 

But, we've digressed.

The lyrics of this jolly song include a series of snarky, and baiting remarks which seem to come across as threats to the Ukraine should it join NATO, and to the European Union at large, and they even allude to US Special Forces.  The threat is to cut off natural gas supplies to Europe, perhaps in a gracious Bear Hug.  Our Russian best buddy has a rather strange sense of humor.

Notably, there has been a steady series of reports since 2009 reflecting the increase in Russia's military budget.  Most recently [12/2013], Mr Putin declared Russia's power to be "moral as well as military", with a warning that the West not underestimate Russia's military might.

"Nobody should have any illusion about the possibility of gaining military superiority over Russia. 
We will never allow this to happen.  Russia will respond to all these challenges, political and military."

Reportedly, Russia is now engaged in its largest military buildup since the USSR collapsed, with a sizable nuclear stockpile, which some refer to as Upper Volta with missiles.  Beyond the armament build-up, Russia's power projection includes:
a) Bomber patrols in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
b) Dispatch of Task Forces [among other destinations, the Caribbean]
c) The 2008 Campaign against Georgia,
d) And, last but not least, Joint Maneuvers with the Chinese Army and Navy

Now, these indicators could all be benign, although we've faced off with the Chinese in the Korean War, and we've been nose to nose with the Russians in NATO face-offs.  Why, we even used to have mock wars, with the scenario that the USSR attacked NATO -- and we responded with tactical nuclear weapons [e.g., the Able Archer NATO exercise series].

What concerns us is that our Leader From Behind has been purging our Military hierarchy since he came into office, replacing proven officers with those quick to genuflect before his eminence, and willing to follow any orders -- to include "firing on US civilians".

Russian Special Forces [Spetsnaz]
What also concerns us are reports of Russian and Chinese troops training with US troops, driving US military vehicles, and acting in enforcement positions against US citizens in remote areas of the US. 

Add to this, the fact [as reported by a participating former Navy SEAL] that the US is training Russian Special Forces [Spetsnaz] at remote camps [e.g., in Colorado] and holding joint military exercises with the Chinese.

To add to these concerns, we've noticed that our nuclear defense program appears to be being purged via a series of extraordinary charges against generals with previously unblemished careers, suddenly committing egregious ethical, moral, and security breaches, and dismissed in dishonor.  Taken individually, they seem a little odd, but believable. 

But, put in the context of military build-ups by our "potential adversaries", China and Russia, we have to wonder if Mr Obama is not operating as the Manchurian Candidate to remove our defenses and succumb to our adversaries without firing a shot.

"Your mission is simple, Mr obama: Win one last election to gain unchecked flexibility, weaken our defenses, and fundamentally transform the world."