Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ping Honors Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors in Sports Training                    [NelsonCountyLife.com]

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Disabled Sports, USA [DS/USA], founded in 1967, has more than 100 chapters in 37 states and is a partner of the Wounded Warrior Project, based in Jacksonville, Florida.  Together, they assist Wounded Warriors in their recovery process and have helped more than 1,200 wounded veterans, holding clinics in 40 sports, to include golf, sailing, climbing, track and field, kayaking, and winter sports.  Advanced training is also available to assist competitors in Paralympic events and advanced competitions.

Ping Trainee         [BoozAllen.com]
Ping is a Gold Sponsor of DS/USA and partners with the PGA to offer eight-week golf lessons by a PGA pro who has been trained in adaptive teaching techniques.  For the Wounded Warriors who have a severe, permanent disability and have attended six of these sessions, Ping contributes a set of custom-fit, custom-built golf clubs, with bag.  Included in this elite group are Vets in wheelchairs, amputees, and blind golfers.

Ping contributes about 50 sets of its clubs to these Wounded Warriors, and it also gives rebates to other Vets as a "thank-you" for their Service.

Two soldiers we're proud of

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