Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brit Intelligence Hackers

GCHQ - A Bit more stylish than NSA HQ           [this is not a hubcap]

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And we thought the NSA was bad!

Turns out our trusted British allies may be one of our most threatening internet foes as they use "... online viruses and honey traps to discredit targets."

Once again, that mean old whistleblower [aka: traitor], Fast Eddie Snowden, has revealed some awkward facts about government spying, this time it's not the NSA, but James Bond's employer, British Intelligence [aka: GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters).  Now, last year [2013), Eddie revealed that GCHQ was attempting to collect ALL on-line and telephone data in the UK via the Tempora program, which hacks into fiber-optic cables supporting the Internet. 

Now, of course the Brits conduct such surveillance SOLELY to protect the citizenry from that chronic Terrorist Threat [IRA, al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden (pick a threat, any threat)].  God forbid they should follow NSA's lead to target its own citizens to coerce them into staying in line.

But, let's examine what those GCHQ pranksters have been up to.

The GCHQ's Joint Intelligence Threat Research Program [JTRIG] directs the Ambassadors Reception program, which, when sent to adversaries, embeds an encrypted virus which deletes all emails, encrypts all files, makes the monitor screen shake, and blocks the computer user from logging on.

Sound familiar?  Why, those British rascals may have targeted your computer as a test run.

Is GCHQ watching you?        []
As we understand it, GCHQ also targeted the CIA and NSA just for grins! 

Those silly Brits; they're just a barrel of laughs, all the time. 

Is John Clease in charge?

We won't suggest that they've been tapping into Mr obama's White House Communications system; why, that would be almost as crass as Mr obama's spiteful sending the Churchill bust back to the Brits.

Then again, if they were tapping in, they'd likely hear very little other than Mr obama's conversations with his Las Vegas bookie as he doubles down once again.

So, what else can this program do?
1) Illegal hacking to create denial of service [DoS] to disable chatrooms [e.g., Facebook]
2) Overlaps the operational territory of MI-5 and MI-6 [territorial poaching! - how dare they!]
3) Under the Effects program, "enemies" are targeted under the Four Ds
     -- Deny/Disrupt/Degrade/Deceive
     the object being to use on-line techniques to "make something happen in the real or cyber world."
4) Create blogs to leak confidential information to companies or journalists
5) Use the internet to develop "Real life" methods, e.g., the Honey Trap [creating a sexual encounter
    for blackmail to obtain confidential information
    [very useful against both enemies and domestic politicians who are unfriendly to GCHQ]
6) Accessing a target's social networking account [e..g, Facebook] to replace their photograph -- to be replaced by a JTRIG comment designed to increase the target's paranoia.
7) Infiltration Work:  Discredit companies or individuals by sending false emails and texts

What's the reaction to these activities?
Privacy International has advised that
"... it has become clear that the current legal framework governing intelligence activities in the UK is unfit for purpose in the modern digital era, and reform is urgently needed."

GCHQ has indignantly responded:
".... [its] activities are within the law and the subject of ministerial and Parliamentary scrutiny!  They are authorised, necessary, and proportionate." Harumph! 

Why, these techniques have been used against Taliban in Afghanistan to protect Jolly Old England from al Qaeda launching V2 missiles at London.

JimmyBob Clapper   [daveinboca]
JimmyBob Clapper and Keith Alexander couldn't have been more forthright in their own defense of undermining US Constitutional rights to privacy.

When questioned about GCHQ's role in creating and deploying the Stuxnet virus [which accidentally went out of control and -- viral internationally], Flame, and its variants, they were a bit mum.

So, who's better at screwing their own citizens, the Brits, or the Yanks!

We probably won't find out for a while since we'll have to wait for Fast Eddie to release more documents.

In the meantime, we know JimmyBob Clapper will protect us from those evil-doing terrorists -- where-ever they are!