Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Vortex Attack!

Follow the bouncing Jet Stream                   [Wikipedia]
[Originally posted in 2014 based on unusual weather events]

As some of you may have noticed, the temperatures recently dropped somewhat below their seasonal lows. 

Now, much as we are willing to believe this is a plot by the energy companies to rob us again [even though natural gas prices have suddenly skyrocketed], it is not.  And, oddly, this event is not a result of Global Warming [Al Gore has been mysteriously absent in the absence of any such evidence --
and we're now focusing on "Climate Change" [previously known as Global Warming].

So, what's causing this weird weather.

Our meteorologists have seized on the Polar Vortex to explain this annoying phenomenon, and if you'll follow the bouncing Jet Stream in the illustration above, you'll note that it circles the upper portion of the globe with air currents generated by warm air rising and mixing with Arctic drafts, creating a counter-clockwise motion.  The Jet Stream is then affected by cold air masses pushing down from the Arctic, and by moist, warm air masses pushing up from the tropics.
Normal Polar Vortex               [NOAA/Washington Post]

Now, normally, the Polar Vortex is trapped inside a mini-Jet Stream tagged as the Polar Night Jet, and the effect is normal and seasonal.
Cold Air Tsunami?                         []

Occasionally, though, an atmospheric wave will break the Polar Night Jet fence, and we'll see a cold air mass escape and give us a rush of cold air.

In this case, it was more like a Tsunami -- and as you can see from this image, it pretty much covered all of North America.

[If you look carefully, you can see Mexico peeking out from under the southwest part of the wave.]

Indonesian Volcano exploding this week
In the midst of this cold air scientific explanation, the Left Media immediately raised the specter of Global Warming, noting that "...humans dumped billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the the atmosphere...". 
"Ergo, that causes Global Warming, which causes ice storms."

Now, there is some accuracy in that.
However, as we've noted in the past, for every pound of carbon dioxide humans pump into the atmosphere, Mother Nature pumps a trillion pounds with each of her volcanic eruptions.

So, we'll ignore the Leftist rhetorical nonsense [although we do agree that humans should cut back on their pollution -- particularly the Chinese, whose pollution is saturating our Pacific Northwest!].

To clarify, weather patterns are cyclical and vary every 20 - 50 years.

Climate generally refers to a static set of variable weather patterns which fall within an established range.  And, weather patterns change for a variety of reasons; for example, after the European settlers arrived and displaced most of the Native American farmers, their land then became overgrown with trees and vegetation, and the resulting increase in oxygen lowered the temperature, which in turn, lowered the temperature range significantly.  A few years ago, Iceland was blessed with a massive volcanic eruption, which followed eruptions by several other volcanoes, and Earth was enveloped in a blanket of dust -- and sulfuric acid mist.

But, we digress.
What else are we looking at to explain the shift in our Solar Vortex which is freezing our buns off.

We've discussed in the past a theory which encompasses both Global Warming AND [ta daa!] Climate Change -- but, unfortunately, it has little to do with politics, and everything to do with Geomagnetism, a real concept of which few are aware, much less conversant. 

[If you went through a Military Boot Camp, you were taught to read a map, and learned that Magnetic North was different from True North; so you had to compensate a few degrees on your Army map to adjust for the direction in which the needle pointed to find "True North" on the map.] 

So what!
Liquid nickel-iron around an irregular solid blob core

Well, on a geological scale, the inner-core of the Earth is an irregular spinning blob of hot [think in terms of Sun-surface-hot] nickel-iron alloy, about two-thirds the size of our Moon.

That hard blob is surrounded by a spinning liquid blob about 1,400 miles thick, and this lies about 1,800 miles below the surface of the Earth.

The combination of all that spinning [Inner vs Outer Core] creates a magnetic field, and in turn, creates sort of a giant magnetic axis -- with a North Pole and a South Pole.  But, because the core is irregular, the magnetic poles are not exactly opposite.

Another So What!

With all that subterranean activity and molten metal movement, periodically, there's a hiccup -- and presto-chango, the Poles reverse.

Magnetic North Pole has shifted 1,000 miles
No one is sure how long this process takes, but our geologists have evidence that complete reversals have occurred no fewer than 20 times.

The intervals have ranged from as much as 50 million years, to as little as 100,000 years; the most recent reversal was 780,000 years ago -- so, theoretically, we have roughly another 200,000 years to go --
but maybe not.

During our last Ice Age, about 41,000 years ago, we had a quickie, called the Laschamp Event, and they're still trying to figure that one out, along with its impact on our geomagnetic field -- and our climate.

In a little over 100 years, the Magnetic North Pole has moved Northwest by about 1,000 miles. Up until 2000, that shift had been at roughly five miles per year. Recently, the pace has advanced to about 25 miles  per year, or one degree every five years.

What they have been noticing is that over the last 150 years [that's a lot closer than 200,000 years], there has been a deterioration of 10-15% in Earth's geomagnetic intensity -- and the pace has been accelerating.

But, our official geologists advise that the
"...rate of decrease and the current strength are within the normal range of variation."
We're not sure what they regard as "normal".

As the little boy says, while pointing at a tree, at the end of a Bones episode:
"What's that mean!"

Well, I'm no geologist, but, I did stay at a Holiday Inn once, and I have been recognized as a Professional Smart Guy by the CIA, the Senate SubCommittee on Intelligence, and DOD, so here's my theory based on reading a bunch of books and science stuff.
[My theory has been attacked by other educated guys -- but we'll let you draw your own conclusions.]

The value of True North is essential only as a reference point on a map -- or a library globe.

But, the declination of the Globe with reference to the Sun is what gives us our weather patterns.

If the Poles shift, would the Equator also  shift?
If the declination of the Globe [Earth] were to shift its exposure to the Sun by a few degrees, the Polar Ice Cap exposure to the Sun would increase, and melting it, causing large masses of Arctic air to shift -- in turn, affecting the Polar Vortex.

The result is that the Polar Ice Cap seems to have tilted slightly towards the Sun and has been melting for a number of years  - which partially explains Global Warming/Climate Change

That would then raise the water temperature, altering oceanic and weather patterns originating from the North Pole.

Thus explaining our odd weather in the last 10 years [massive tornadoes, mega-hurricanes, warm winters, brutal summers, droughts, etc.], and, plunging temperatures causing cold air masses to flow across half the Earth.  

Has the declination of the Earth changed?
According to NASA, two relatively recent events did change it a bit; one was the 2004 Tsunami, and the other was the massive earthquake in Chile in 2010.  The NASA scientists explained that 
"... the key to the declination shift was the location of the quake, and the fact that the fault sliced through Earth at a steeper angle, making the Chile fault more effective in moving Earth's mass vertically and hence more effective in shutting Earth's figure axis."

What happens when the Magnetic North Pole fluctuates?

Here's how far the Polar Vortex shifted in the first week of January 2014.  Note the shift from near the North Pole to central Canada.

The shift is not permanent though, and the Vortex is receding, indicating the Earth's axis may be a bit wobbly, and the Poles are unstable and possibly shifting faster than we'd like.

Massive waves struck Europe's West Coast      [AOL]

The question that our geologists should be asking:

Are we in the process of another Polar Reversal
If so, what's the time frame we're looking at?

A century?
50 Years?
5 Years?
1 Year?

Or, are we measuring this process in terms of months -- and would that be why our government has been creating a police state?  Possibly to govern in the resulting chaos during a Polar Shift?

Stay tuned.