Saturday, December 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty - Media Mind Control

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: Terminated for Expressing His Views       []

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The A&E network has decided, on reflection, to reinstate Duck Dynasty, reportedly the " ... top-rated Reality program on cable, averageing 13.4 million viewers".

Seems the viewers of Duck Dynasty have demanded the return of Phil Robertson.  Apparently, viewers slammed DD's commercial sponsors, as well as A&E for their extreme reaction to discussing his personal views on homosexuality during an interview for the magazine "GQ".

Although we may not agree with his outlook on life, many of us served -- at risk -- for his right to express his views. 

To clarify our position, we were in the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement of the '60s, participating in Sit-Ins and Freedom Marches to demonstrate for the Equal Rights of Blacks; we even got tossed in the klink for our efforts.  We've never deviated from that philosophy, and we promote the "even-playing field" for all.
We demand that everyone should have an equal right to succeed, or to fail.  Later, we went to war to protect everyone's right to express his or her opinion -- even if we disagreed with them.

Pals: Paula & Oprah

This Political Correctness insanity followed the full-fledged Media assault on Paula Deen who, during an interview about her growing up in the South, admitted to using the "N" word once in her youth.  The Media Outrage caused the Food Network to end her program, to the outrage of her fans.

"Shame on FN for not standing behind Paula Dean for a word she used 27, I repeat 27 years ago," wrote Debbie Drilling Andersen.
"Appalling after what SHE has done for the Food Network."

With regard to Paula Deen's "racism" of 27 years ago, we hear the "N" word every day as Black rappers and youth seem to embrace the word, shouting it and using it to embrace their fellows, in the street, on YouTube, and on TV.  If the Black community loves to use the word so much, why should they object if a White person used the word 50 years ago?  Should White folks be offended when they are called Crackers. Whitey, or Honkey, or the most popular term "White MF".  

How is it Robertson's GQ interview and his comments on homosexuality became the basis for Media Outrage?   How is it Deen's interview disclosing comments she made 27 years ago became the Media firestorm, driving her off the air?

Personally, we've never watched either Duck Dynasty or Paula Deen's Food Network program, and we probably wouldn't recognize either celebrity except in photographs.

But, we're really sick and tired of the Left Wing  Media dictating how we, the adult public, and our children should think.

Is this the PC game -- sponsored by the Socialist Left
Oddly, Socialists used "Political Correctness" to attack Communists in times past.
Now the theme seems to be a means towards controlling speech and thought by Mainstream America.

Inflict Guilt to undercut the public's ability to express opinions -- current or past. 

Worse, create the image of White insensitivity, which then becomes the justification for "retaliatory" attacks on Whites.

Of late, racism seems directed against Whites in a game Black youth call the "KnockOut Game" in which mobs of Black youths single out a lone White, particularly Jews in New York, for random, violent attacks.  Oddly, the Media has given very little coverage to these events -- which are becoming increasingly frequent and the celebratory theme of Gangsta Rap.

This Political Correctness insanity seems to have become part and parcel of, and promoted by the Obama Administration, taking root in the electoral process; it has since deflected virtually all questioning of President Obama's past or current activities.
Question his past, and you are designated a "Racist".

Perhaps it's time to take a very close look at who is orchestrating these Media campaigns, expose them on the internet, and regain control of our lives.  Perhaps it's even worth a look at our government, which some claim is sponsoring this process, perhaps with a more strategic goal in mind.

Scratch the surface, and you'll find a disturbing trend.
Dig deeply, and you'll find the origins of this trend dating back to the 1960s, or even to the 1930s; but, that's a topic for another blog post.