Sunday, December 22, 2013

Army Kills Patriot Image

Obama's Mentor?    [World Tribune]

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The US Army War College is immersed in discussions on purging portraits of Confederate generals and categorizing them as "Traitors".

The Left's revisionist argument is that the Confederate generals were traitors, therefore, they should not be honored at the War College, much less in American history.  We seem to be undergoing a process of revisionist history, purging all who stood on principle, and resisting threats to the Constitution or to the people.

All the Confederate generals were graduates of West Point, the Citadel, or the Virginia Military Institute.  Many of the Union generals had served under Lee -- who had groomed them for promotion to general officer.  President Lincoln had offered Lee command of the Union Army based on Lee's patriotism and dedication to the Union - but in the end, Lee resigned to command Confederate forces to protect the Southern states from invading Union forces.

Senator Jefferson Davis, a West Point graduate who had served in the Union Army, achieving the rank of colonel; he was a US Senator, representing Mississippi and was notable as one of the most devout US patriots.  When the South formed the Confederate States of America and seceded, Davis left his US Senate seat and gave a resignation speech which brought the Senate to its feet in respect for him.  There was no Senate condemnation for his decision since he was regarded as a patriot.

At the conclusion of the Civil War, General Grant insisted on returning full citizenship to the Confederate soldiers and officers, even returning to them their arms and horses.

Left Wing Political Correctness seems to have invaded our Military from the top down.  Mr Obama has purged the Military of nearly 200 flag rank officers, with nine senior generals and admirals fired this year [to include General Ham and Admiral Gaouette -- both of whom were relieved by their civilian deputies [political officers?] when they attempted to respond to Benghazi calls for assistance].

Now, the Left Wing influence has invaded the hallowed halls of the Army War College which grooms senior field grade officers for major command and staff positions as general officers.  We have to wonder how many Left Wing staffers have been inserted into our other military colleges and universities. 

Very disturbing is the adoption of the Soviet command structure at the Unified Commands, in which there are two deputies -- one military, the other a civilian "political officer".  Equally disturbing is the appointment of civilians as the J2 [Intelligence and Security Staff Officer].  Those two positions determine the "loyalty" of the commander and the staff -- and we fear there is a distinct Left Wing slant to the politics of these appointees.

General Ham
Ultimately, just as officers in Communist Armies feared their Political Officers [who had the power to relieve them for political reasons].

US commanders have witnessed the relief of General Ham and Admiral Gaouette when they challenged Washington orders to "stand down" when they attempted to rescue US diplomats at Benghazi.
Admiral Gaouette

The message is clear; loyalty to the President takes precedent over loyalty to their country.


Are we being subverted from within?

Are we becoming the United Soviet States of America?