Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ACA Rejects Obama

How this scam really worked
From the White House:

"The President enrolled in a health care plan made available by the Affordable Health Care Act [ACA] on the DC marketplace" Eric Schultz announced in an email.

Well, sort of!

Mr Obama was unable to sign up in person.

Was there a problem?

Ah yes, the ACA requires proof of identity, along with verifiable income statements, a legitimate Social Security number, and a valid birth certificate, or a US Passport.

"...for security reasons, the President's personal information is not readily available in government databases that the exchanges use to verify identities and check eligibility for tax subsidies."

Thus, according to the White House:
"The complicated nature of the President's case required an in-person sign-up"

Now, there's a surprise!

What could possibly have gone wrong!

Here might be the hiccups:

1) Name:  [tough to verify without college records or passport or legitimate birth certificate]
    a) Barry Soetero
        (1) As registered at the SDN Mentang 01 private school in Indonesia
        (2) As registered on his passport[s] [Indonesia? Pakistan?]
        (3) As registered at Columbia University [and perhaps Occidental and Harvard] which would
              account for the absence of school records - or his Draft Registration
    b) Barack Hussein Obama - a nom de plume for politics in Chicago?

2)  Birth Certificate:  The one posted on the White House web site failed
     a)  VIDEO HERE: Adobe Photoshop experts picked it apart easily as an amateur cut-&-paste job
     b)  Private investigators noted that, at the time of his birth, Black or Negro were the
           accepted parental terms -- but not "African" or "African American"
     c)  The FBI rejected it as part of the SBI [Special Background Investigation} when he was
           elected to the US Senate -- and denied him a security clearance

Bill Ayers' Weather Underground friend

3)  Social Security Number:   His is/was registered to a
           dead guy [Harry Bounel] from Connecticut
      a)  SSNs are never reissued, according to the Social
           Security Administration
      b)  It appears the bogus SSN was provided by
           Elizabeth Anna Duke, a friend of Bill Ayers
           [from his Weather Underground days; Ayers was a
           business partner of Mr Obama for eight years,
           although Mr Obama claims he only met him in
           Ms Duke was considered "armed and dangerous"
           by the FBI, which posted a $50,000 reward for her
           arrest.  Her specialty was
           "false identification documents" and
           "manufacture and possession of counterfeit
            Social Security cards".

So, if you know someone who's having a difficult time signing up for the ACA due to questionable identification documents, have them call the White House to obtain "... an in-person sign-up"; tell them "Barry sent me".