Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ObamaCare FUBAR!

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There are so many things wrong with the Affordable Care Act, we're not sure where to begin. 

However, a good place seems to be the train wreck which is the sign-up process, followed closely by the distribution throughout the government, the Intelligence Community, and the Law Enforcement Community of every bit of personal and medical information you list on your application -- and that is BEFORE you're allowed to review the available plans. 

In short, you have to enroll and spill your guts before you can look at what your options are. This is the process sleazy used car operations use to lock in their customers so they're forced to buy a clunker before they leave the lot.  So, we'll assume the ACA process was designed by used car salesmen [more on that later].

For good measure, we'll include the corruption involved in putting this plan in place.  So far, we've counted about $20 million in campaign contributions by the participating companies

Once you're in -- which might take you months, the probability is that you will pay double or triple what you might pay with plans outside the ACA system.

So, here are some of the exciting details of what former Speaker Pelosi, Mr Obama, and the Democrat Congress have foisted upon us.

CBS advised that more than two million people have now been forced out of their existing health  because insurance companies will not allow them to renew their policies -- despite Obama's assurances that they could keep their existing policies.  The Christian Science Monitor upped that figure to "at least 7 million".  "More than 800,000 policy holders in New Jersey alone" received cancellation notices from their health insurance providers.

Sticker Shock:

Even Democrat staffers are recognizing they've been promoting a scam.  Sue Klinkhamer of Chicago worked for one of the Congressmen who voted FOR ObamaCare [and was subsequently voted out by his constituents.  Sue had been paying $225 per month for her health care plan with a $2,500 deductible; she's just been notified by Blue Cross that her plan now will cost $1,200 more per year, and her deductible will increase to $6,500!  She's no longer a strong supporter of ObamaCare.

The Sign Up Process:

Signing up is perhaps the most challenging aspect of ObamaCare.  One TV host asked a group of college grads to sit in a room together to see who could sign on the fastest.  After 90 minutes, none had any success getting through the initial hurdles; all had wanted to sign up, but none had any success.  All, however, were fairly disgusted with the process.

But, looking at that process, we've learned [through applicants] that one must fill out forms with an extraordinary amount of detailed personal information, to include full name, Social Security number, residence[s], family information, medical history -- to include past and current ailments, personal income, family income, extended financial information, education level, and a variety of information you would not necessarily give to your personal physician.

Who sees/retains your personal information and medical history:

So, what becomes of this plethora of personal information?
Your application, complete with ALL the information you "voluntarily" provide is circulated to, and entered in the databanks of these organizations via a "data-hub":

1)   IRS
2)   DHS
3)   HHS
4)   FBI
5)   Social Security Administration
6)   Veterans Administration
7)   Department of Defense
8)   US Treasury
9)   Office of Personnel Management
10) Verizon
11)  Equifax [yes, the credit rating outfit]
12)  General Dynamics
13)  Mitre
14)  Northrup Grumman
15)  Price Waterhouse Cooper
16)  United Healthcare
17)  SAIC
18)  Accenture
19)  Deloitte
20)  Booz Allen Hamilton [of Snowden/NSA fame]

Your sheriff will monitor your health
And,  "Dozens of federal and state agencies"
[Not Further Identified]
  - but Barney Fife likely has access to your personal financial and medical history, as will employees of most of the agencies and employees listed above.

Now, why would you object to having your phone and internet provider with unlimited access to your personal, financial, and medical information.

Or, perhaps Booz Hamilton, which demonstrated that their employees [e.g., Snowden] could keep the nation's most sensitive intelligence secrets -- a secret, well, sort of.

Will IRS check your healthcare deductions against your application?  Is your information safe with IRS; in July, the IRS "inadvertently posted tens of thousands of SSNs on a federal website"; but, hackers wouldn't use those SSNs for identity theft, right?

Once registered, the applicant can only then look at the plans available; the lower the monthly rate, the higher the deductible; we've seen some that range between $2,500 and $5,000 deductible -- which means the applicant is not only paying a substantial [and possibly unaffordable] monthly fee, but will also have to pay the first $2,500 - $5,000 of any medical costs incurred. Not a bad deal for the insurance company, but brutal for the applicant just making ends meet.

Employers opt out of providing employee health plans due to criminal penalties:

Now, a lot of applicants can no longer get health coverage through their employers because their hours have been reduced to only 30 per week.  Others have been laid off because employers wish to avoid the massive costs of mandatory health coverage if they have more than 49 employees.

A substantial number of large companies employing hourly workers have trimmed schedules to 30 hours a week and eliminated health programs they previously sponsored -- forcing their employees to work "part time" and thus, into ObamaCare.  By opting out, employers avoid the convoluted legal-speak which can snag them into criminal penalties should they not be "fully compliant" with ACA.

Catch 22:

Applicants who have been trimmed to 30 hours per week find they earn too little and are thus not eligible for subsidies, and not even Medicaid.  It's double jeopardy, since they stand to be arrested and fined if they don't sign up, but the limitations of the process bars them from signing up. 
[Time to expand the prisons.]

And now folks, the final drum roll.

Who were the wizards who got the federal contract for ObamaCare -- and to set up the highly efficient sign-up process.

And, how much did they pay in campaign contributions for this payoff worth billions of dollars.

We'll list only a few, but even those will likely surprise you, and sicken you.

For those of you paying for your kid's college tuition, take a look at how George Washington University and the University of California - San Francisco spent your tuition money.

Contract Award
Campaign Contribution
$   2.14 Million
$1.2 Million
Deloitte [BearingPoint]
$          251,000
$4.7 Million
Booz Hamilton
$   2.7   Million
$      415,000
CGI Federal*
$ 93.7  Million
$      345,000
Computer Science Corp [CSC]
$   4       Million
$      683,000
George Washington University
$ 51.2   Million
$      309,000
$    5       Million
$       956,000
Maximus Federal Services*
$ 43      Million
$      622,000
McKinsey & Co
$ 13.8   Million
$      961,000
$   2.2   Million
$      137,000
Northrup Grumman
$   1.7   Million
$3.1 Million
Price Waterhouse Cooper
$            284,000
$3.5 Million
Quality Software Services*
[United Health Group]
$ 68.3 Million
$3.7  Million
$   1.8    Million
$1.2  Million
$114   Million
$        180,000
University of California - SF
$                12,000
$3.4    Million
Vangent [General Dynamics]
$  28.2     Million
$2.4     Million
Verizon Business Network Services
$     1.2     Million
$4.2      Million
Weber Shandwick
$     3.5      Million

[Office of the Asst Secretary for Health
post-retirement employment?]

The overall winner in this campaign contribution bonanza seems to be Serco, which invested only $180,000 in campaign contributions, but hit the jackpot with a contract worth $114 MILLION!  We're not sure what they'll be doing, but, we're sure they're worth every cent of that  $114 MILLION!

The bewildering organization is the University of California, which contributed $3.4 Million [of your tuition money] and won a contract for only $12,000?  They obviously don't grasp the concept of "Return on Investment".

But, there you have it folks.
Your tax dollars at work  If you think some of these contracts are paltry, think in terms that they will likely last five years, with escalation clauses to accommodate "hidden costs" and "expanded responsibilities". 

Once awarded, a government contract has the potential for exponential expansion!

And, this one just keeps growing, and growing, and growing!