Friday, October 4, 2013

Obama: Demagogue

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Today, we're posting a column by Dr Sarah Thurow, a retired professor of political philosophy and literature. She specializes in classical political thought and has many years' experience teaching American government. 


Barack Obama, you are a fraud, a hypocrite, and a demagogue.

1. You claim to place great value on “diversity” and “tolerance” and to support the redefinition of marriage to include same sex unions, yet you think it is quite proper and moral with respect to people who believe that abortion is a sin to compel them to violate their own religious belief by providing free abortions for their employees. Apparently you only believe in “tolerating” the “diversity” of people who agree with you.

2. You claim that your healthcare program is so good for all of us (not just those who cannot afford medical insurance) that all of us must be compelled to participate in it or punished if we choose to opt out, yet you don’t see any problem with you and our other “representatives” being exempt. This is the attitude of a ruler, not a representative.

3. You claim to respect the Constitution and to adhere to the principles of the American system of government, yet you demonize the other party rather than attempt to find a common ground. Anyone who does not agree with and who does not support your programs you regard as unreasonable, unworthy of argument or persuasion, or simply wrong. That is characteristic of a totalitarian, not a democratic government. No matter how sure you are that your opinions are not opinions but truth, our system requires you to not only tolerate but actually listen to and argue with other claims to truth.

4. You continually claim that you are most concerned for the well-being of the middle class. Yet it is the middle class that will bear the greatest burden of your healthcare program, facing increased premiums and co-pays with no additional employer assistance because their employers are also facing higher costs. Your overall project of increasing government entitlements is also going to hurt the middle class because they do not qualify for government support (and most of them don’t want it), but they do not earn enough money to be comfortable paying the taxes to fund these programs.

5. Finally, you are the image of the classic demagogue, with one new element that is distinctly American. You came to power with the support of two classes who have nothing to lose by your programs.

The one is the class that always supports a demagogue, the poor who are dependent on the government for the necessities of life. They are not to be blamed for supporting someone who promises to give them more than they are presently getting.

The other class, however, is very much to be blamed. They are the rich liberals who assuage their consciences by using the government to care for the poor. They get to feel good about themselves while using tax money for their benevolence. They can afford to pay higher taxes without affecting their comfortable lifestyle.

But when “charity” is compelled it ceases to be charity and becomes a tax burden. It both undermines true charity and impoverishes the one class that truly understands charity.

In ancient democracies (classical Greece) a demagogue inevitably led to tyranny because, in securing the support of the poor, he promised to take from the rich and “redistribute” wealth. This initial act of injustice (the injustice of taking what belongs to one person and giving it to another) paved the way for other unjust acts.

But the middle class cannot. The middle class would – and does – voluntarily give what they can, and work as volunteers when they can, to aid those less fortunate than themselves. Because they are close to the condition of the poor and are aware that it would not take much to put them in similar circumstances, they have a true empathy with them, unlike your rich liberal supporters.

America was supposed to be safe from such degeneration because we had a strong middle class. So long as that class remained the majority, the poor would not go without aid and the rich would not have their property unjustly confiscated. The middle class could identify with both.

But you and your party have discovered how to subvert the American solution. You have discovered how to get the rich to support a government that supports the poor. But you have done this by putting the real burden on the middle class.

The inevitable effect is that the middle class will shrink. Some will drop off into the class of people supported by the government (Marx’s “proletariat”) and others will be resourceful or lucky enough to rise into the class of the rich who can afford to live well while still paying excessive taxes.

When that transformation is complete, the American experiment in self-government will have failed.

We will be a nation of rulers (you and your rich liberal class) and ruled (the rest of us, those who still struggle to take care of themselves independently and those who have given up the struggle and accepted dependence on the rulers).

You wish for a place in history, for fame.

I predict that you will have it.

Obama's Legacy          [ (Matthew Rosario)]
You will have it as the one who most contributed to the failure of the American experiment in self-government.

You will have it as the first of our new rulers, our new “benevolent” tyrants under whom we will be given what is “good for us” according to you and your ruling class, under whom we will be relieved of any need to think for ourselves or consult our consciences -- because you and your class will tell us what is true and necessary to believe.