Monday, October 14, 2013

Vets Beat Obama

Vets cleaned monument areas
Veterans coming to visit their memorials, monuments, and national cemeteries are finding them blocked, by order of the President - the Commander in Chief.

Obama blames Congress and lack of funds, but there is virtually no staffing or maintenance cost involved; he's done it out of pure spite, and disdain for our military.

In fact, Congress has authorized the entire US budget, except for ObamaCare -- which is the issue they wish to negotiate. Seems that the Administration has added a number of unacceptable provisions to the ACA since it was passed by an overwhelmingly Democrat Congress -- most of whom were voted out of office in the 2010 election. 

Mr Obama and Senator Reid are stonewalling the Republicans, and holding the country hostage by suspending the government -- unless the Republicans capitulate.  The Media [to include NPR] remains the Administration's propaganda tool, blaming the Republicans, and praising the President for valiantly trying to protect the country from crashing into economic disaster.

As for the Budget Ceiling deadlock, Mr Obama wants to add another $1 Trillion to his expense account -- but he is unwilling to reduce spending even in agencies whose obligations have been, or could be greatly reduced [e.g., DOD].

BarryCades disposal
[Photo: Real Patriots of America]
Americans contributed nearly $200 million to build the WW2 Memorial; it is open, and requires no security force to guard it, or any other Military memorial in Washington DC.

The Vet's response to the barricading of monuments and parks:
They dragged the barriers to the White House and dumped them at the gates.

Mr Obama has closed national parks, to include rest stops, highway scenic overlooks, and even locking portable toilets; he's ordered Park Police and Park Rangers to enforce these closures -- with force. 

In Fairfax County, the Park Service barricaded an open soccer/lacrosse field, funded and supported by the County.

Resident's filed suit in federal court -- and the County argued, and won on the basis that the open field was not Obama's to seize and close since the County maintained it.

At Yellowstone, tourists were locked in their hotel, under armed guard, and roughly treated by armed Park Service employees.  On their police-escorted three hour bus trip out of the park, they took a rest stop so the passengers could stretch their legs and take photos.

They were immediately set upon and warned that the park was not open for "recreation"; upon protest by the tour guide, the armed female Park Ranger demanded that all passengers re-board the bus and that she regarded taking pictures as "recreating".

Truckers converged on Washington, DC as a protest, and visiting and local Veterans converged on the monuments, seized the "Barrycades" and dumped them in front of the White House.

Park Police: Forgot their oath of allegiance to the USA
[Photo: Real Patriots of America]
These protests have been met with violence from the Park Police using batons to beat protestors.

There were reports of snipers positioned on the White House and nearby buildings with [unarmed] protestors as targets.

Ultimately, the Park Police were filmed wresting an American flag from a Vet and throwing it on the ground.

Without a doubt, Mr Obama has achieved the status of the most reprehensible President/Commander in Chief in the history of the country.

His arrogance knows no bounds. His disdain for America's Military is unfathomable.

Mr Obama's goals over the past five years seem to be

1) Destruction of the US economy
     a) Create inflation [Fed nominee has hinted she will generate inflation to "bolster employment?"]
     b) Increase the Debt Ceiling by $1 Trillion
     b) Disrupt small business [targeting businesses opposed by Democrats/Unions]
     c) Increase unemployment (e.g., forcing small business to provide health benefits for employees]
     d) Criminalizing the ObamaCare process for those who try to opt out
     e) Increase welfare by broadening coverage to illegal aliens
     f) Defy Congress on budget negotiations

2) Create class and racial divisiveness

3) Eliminate professionals in our Military leadership and in the State Department
    a) Replace patriotic and experienced flag officers with Leftists
    b) Replace the Command structure with civilian deputies -- i.e., political officers, mimicking
        the Soviet/Communist structure
    c) Replace/demote career diplomats with inexperienced political hacks

4) Corrupt the IRS
    a) Target and undermine Conservative groups
    b) Spy on Americans

5) Direct NSA to spy on Americans

6) Create a massive Department of Homeland Security [240,000 employees] to target US citizens
    a) Employ foreign troops to guard restricted, undefined areas
    b) Create a mobile operational organization with heavily armored vehicles
    c) Arm DHS agents with billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition - outlawed by
        the Geneva Convention

7) Start wars [targets: Libya, North Korea, Iran, Syria]

Obama's ULTIMATE GOAL:  Create civil strife as a rationale to declare a National Emergency and implement his array of Executive Orders -- to create a Police State.  Look for the activation of all those DHS paramilitary units in the near future.
Fair Warning                 [Photo: Real Patriots of America]

Congress appears fearful of exercising their power to remove Mr Obama before he destroys America.

Perhaps it's up to the voters to create a national Recall petition and let Congress know America has reached its threshold of absolute disgust with this "President". 

Perhaps then Congress will exercise its options.

[With thanks to Real Patriots of America for their photos]