Thursday, October 24, 2013

CIA fumbles again!

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We wonder if there is any semblance of coherence in this Administration's strategic intelligence and diplomatic process -- or if there actually is a process.

Latif Mehsud        [photo: Telegraph]
US Special Forces seized Latif Mehsud, of Pakistan's Tehrek-e-Taliban (TPP) while he traveled via convoy in a remote part of Afghanistan.  He was headed for a secret rendezvous with Afghanistan's National Intelligence Directorate -- under a safe passage guarantee by Karzai himself.  The object of the diplomatic meeting was to develop a dialog for a peaceful post-US transition.

Now, Latif was a prize catch; no doubt about that.

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According to Marie Harf, State Department spokesperson, Latif was close to Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, who State advises "killed thousands in its conflict with the Pakistani government" and was also "responsible for the alleged attempt to blow up Times Square
[which astute observers viewed as a staged event].

And, by gosh, his group
"...had also vowed to attack the US homeland again!"

Ms Harf managed to say all that with a straight face.

Now, Latif's ties to Mr Mehsud as a chauffeur make him a valuable interrogation subject since Mehsud [aka: Zulfiqar] is a TPP commander in the Khyber, Kurram and Orakzai agencies of Pakistan.  He is tied to al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and such Pakistani jihadists as Lashkare-e-Taiba, Lashkare-e-Jhangvi, and Jaish-e-Mohammed, all as formidable today as were their predecessors who fought the Soviets. 

Mehsud was the chauffeur for, and is reportedly the designated successor to Baitullah Mehsud, the now-deceased leader of the Pakistani TTP. 
[A rather odd line of succession, but, it it makes sense to the CIA, and, who are we to argue.]

We applaud our Special Operations forces for their planning and skill in capturing Letif Mehsud, who will undoubtedly reveal a great many secrets in weeks to come.  They followed their orders precisely, and delivered their target in a timely and healthy manner.

But, now, there's that nasty little issue of diplomacy, so adroitly violated by our esteemed Director of National Intelligence [DNI], JimmiBob Clapper, late of NSA legal violation fame.  It seems Mr Karzai had granted Letif safe passage to meet with him at a secret spot, to carry out secret discussions, to plan for peaceful coexistence in the  post-US-occupation. 

But, JimiBob Clapper, and chubby JohnBoy Brennan [whose nickname was "Nimrod" when he was a CIA CT analyst of minor stature/merit prior to 9/11], apparently decided unilaterally that the prize far exceeded the limitations of international law -- or US assurances to our ally, Mr Karzai, that he could be in charge of his own country.

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Mr Karzai, not yet beatified in the US because of his blatant corruption and drug dealing, has been frantically trying to cover all his options for that time in the future when the US bails on Afghanistan and leaves him to his own devices to save himself from both the tribal leaders of Afghanistan, and of course, the Taliban, who will likely use him as the goat in a future Buzkashi game.

[The Afghan rebels used to use Soviet soldiers sewn into goatskins for that sport during the USSR occupation.]

So, Karzai's negotiations with the Taliban -- the designated terrorist enemy du jour of the USA -- were/are of paramount importance to his post-US accommodations in Afghanistan.

What's the impact of this diplomatic gaffe?

The standard in intelligence, military, and diplomatic actions has traditionally been to weigh "Risk vs Gain".  In this Administration, it seems to "How much publicity will this give us"
uttered in a cloud of cannabis smoke.

Although we have no love for Mr Karzai, and only a limited interest in the future of the Great Game of Afganistan, this egregious breach of international diplomacy by Obama will likely set back US relations with Afghanistan and destroy all trust with our Afghan alliance -- such as it is.
Probably no great loss considering what little influence we have there now. 

Of course, there is the factor that US troops will now be at much greater risk from our Afghan military allies who will likely regard killing US troops as a means of gaining the respect of the Taliban -- an assurance of a safe existence once US presence is eliminated.

This military "snatch", though an impressive tactical success given Mehsud's position in the TPP, was a diplomatic disaster, causing Secretary of State Kerry to fly to Kabul to mollify President Karzai and engage in still more give-aways as a sop to keep him from going completely ballistic.

It was a small-minded operation, with absolutely no consultation with experienced US diplomats or military leadership, likely concocted by our two intelligence idiots, Brennan and Clapper, conceivably after a night of solid boozing and snorting coke.

Outside Afghanistan, the real impact is that it destroys any credibility the US has with ALL of our allies around the world since they must now consider any diplomatic negotiations "at risk" with the US - which may decide to discard any and all diplomatic agreements for its [i.e., Mr Obama's] own purposes. 

Mr Obama's diplomatic track record leaves a bit to be desired with his direct insults to the Brits, his revelation of Pakistani official involvement in drone targeting, his indiscriminate drone targeting in Yemen, his sanctioned invasion of Libya after Qadafi had agreed [in previous Administrations] to monitor Islamic terrorist organizations, and his attempts to unilaterally bomb Syria,

Of course, now it's been revealed that he authorized NSA to electronically eavesdrop on our European allies leadership, causing the French and German leadership considerable outrage.

We have to wonder if Mr Obama's goals, in addition to weakening the US economy, undermining the US military capability, and destroying Small Business through the requirements and penalties of ObamaCare [ACA], might also include the deliberate insulting of our allies in order to isolate the United States from them.

As a footnote, we've also mused that it might have been the British GCHQ Intelligence organization which recruited Mr Snowden to acquire and publish the NSA surveillance practices which have so outraged citizens of the US and the rest of the world. 

The Brits have no love for Mr Obama since he has gone out of his way to insult them on several occasions.

Somehow, we wonder if the US will be able to survive Mr Obama's reign.