Monday, September 16, 2013

Navy Yard Shooting

The US Navy Yard, before renovations

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A great deal of confusion this morning in the midst of a shooting spree by as yet, unidentified persons in the Navy Sea Systems Command building at the Washington Navy Yard.

Shooting broke out this morning in the Washington Navy Yard this morning; it was reputed to be one of the most secure military sites in Washington, with limited access through guarded gates, with the interior buildings accessible only through entrances with both guards and scanners.  The shooters, dressed as uniformed military and security personnel, successfully bypassed those security barriers and moved freely among the 3,000 military and civilian personnel in the headquarters building, their weapons drawing little or no notice.

So far, it appears there are/were three shooters; one is now dead.  Two others are being hunted by security personnel.  According to Mayor Gray, casualties include 12 killed with an undetermined number of wounded evacuated to the Washington Medical Center.

One of the early witnesses described the shooters as firing from the Fourth Floor into the Food Court below -- causing patrons to dash for safety. 

One shooter,  dressed "all in [dark] blue" but not further identified [NFI] was walking the halls shooting at people.

A second shooter was described as a tall [5'10"] Black male, wearing an olive drab military uniform [US Marine?], approximately 50 years old, carrying a rifle.

A third shooter, White, [NFI], was wearing a Navy style short sleeve khaki uniform, wearing a beret, and carried a handgun.

Details of this tragedy are still unfolding.


Notably, photos of the perp and more specific information seem to have mysteriously disappeared from this blog since it was first published.  Isn't that odd!

[The FBI later released vague information, referring to a young ex-sailor who had worked as a waiter at a cafe in Texas, but somehow was granted a Top Secret clearance and recruited by a Defense Contractor [not further identified], who then smuggled a shotgun, a rifle, and several handguns through the security gate, and somehow, these weapons -- plus a large bag of ammunition, went unnoticed at the security gate.]