Thursday, August 8, 2013

NSA Wizardry Saves the World!

I see you; all of you.  I hear you; all of you.  I rule!             Image by @mikeithdavis

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In a story replete with disclosures by "Intelligence Officials" of Top Secret Codeword disclosures of Intelligence Methods and Sources [previously a no-no, and criminal enough to prosecute Manning and Snowden], we learn of NSA's fabulous intercept of 20 [count them, 20] terrorist leaders operating around the globe, plotting and scheming on what they "thought was a 'secure' communication".


Little did they know that the Supreme Being, the NSA was listening in.
Not only that, we are now privy to the entire transcript of what they discussed.

Did Maxwell train Clapper?  [NPR]

We recall that famous phrase from Maxwell Smart
"Would you believe..."

And, even better, our fearless "Leader From Behind" [who has personally burned more clandestine and covert operations for his personal political ends than ALL other US Presidents in history combined], announced the closure of 22 US embassies that "might be targeted".

Will we believe our Prevaricator in Chief once again?

These Alerts are routine in the Third World; it is highly unusual -- actually, unprecedented -- to close so many embassies over a simple threat -- albeit ones that allege an attack on an embassy.  This situation didn't seem to get the attention of Ms Clinton, or Mr Obama's White House Choom Gang when Benghazi was threatened, attacked, over-run, with four KIA. 

Closing 22 embassies on the basis of a COMINT intercept makes no sense as it rewards the terrorist for a passive action -- a phone call! 

Intelligence and Security officials raise the cautionary status and beef up security [except in Benghazi], but historically, embassies are not closed for such warnings.

Image courtesy of NSA and Ed Snowden
And, in the midst of Congressional investigations into virtually all of Mr Obama's recent scandals and schemes -- the most notable of which is NSA's illegal spying on US citizens and subsequent wholesale sharing of the metadata with all levels of law enforcement throughout the US
-- we are now to be thrilled to death that NSA has Saved The World From Terrorists!

Let us bow down and worship our Savior, the NSA, which only yesterday we condemned for shredding our Constitutional Rights, and which is continuing to gather all information regarding us to share with our national and local Law Enforcement organizations, credit bureaus, financial institutions, and insurance companies..

Unleash Me!

Suddenly, Mr Obama is proactive in protecting US Embassies and Diplomats. Has he set aside his Choom Policy of benign neglect and sacrifice of US officials for his personal political schemes?

Just as suddenly, he demonstrates to the world that NSA is our protector! -- not a demon, led by the master demon Jumpin Jimmy Clapper and Klunky Keith Alexander, the penultimate Yes Man of this Administration.

I've been in the counter-terrorism biz for about 50 years; in all that time, I've NEVER known any terrorist group -- at any level -- to be so naive as to presume their communications were not monitored by intelligence agencies.  It flies against all reason or logic.

We even have Osama linked in from his ocean grave
Even the fledgling terrorists live in a realm of paranoia and go to great lengths to communicate in the most clandestine manner, with multiple levels of compartmentation to preclude government eavesdropping.

For the new leader of al Qaeda, or any other nasty group to hold a "conference call" of 20 -- count them, TWENTY! terrorist leaders around the world to discuss strategy
-- has about as much credibility as Bill Clinton claiming he didn't have sex with that [teen-age] woman.


Come on Media and Congress. 
What is wrong with you!

Certainly some one in our world of journalism or on Capitol Hill can see through this ruse as still another ruse to distract from the real issues.

Or, are we just a voicing the old observation:
"The Emperor has no clothes!"