Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bezos + Washington Post = Objectivity

Jeff Bezos bringing new life and objectivity to a moribund left-wing rag          
Image by @mikeithdavis
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Be still my beating heart!

The Washington Post, Mr Obama's personal propaganda sheet, has been sold to - of all people -- 

a Capitalist.  Even better, he's an entrepreneur!  

A self-made man who understands that P&L stands for Profit and Loss in For Profit business - as opposed to Politics & LeftWing or Pandering & Lewdness -- as dispensed by the Post for far too many years -- at the expense of its plummeting readership.

Where will Mr Obama turn when it comes to local propaganda mills, cover to cover photo-shopped pictures of a trim, svelte, and athletic appearing Michelle [as opposed to the real thing], entire Style sections devoted to Michelle's fashion sense [little, if any], and a never-ending assault on the GOP. 

Will we bid farewell to Tom Toles, the Editorial Cartoonist, absent of any objectivity, whose sole objective seems to be attacking the GOP?

Perhaps we'll see a change on the Editorial Page, which has been dedicated to promoting Governor O'Malley [D] of Maryland and slandering Governor McDonnell [R] of Virginia in anticipation of the 2016 Presidential Election, in which McDonnell is the leading Republican contender today.

But, back to basics.
Mr ‪#‎Bezos‬ is an entrepreneur, a former hedge fund Capitalist, computer scientist, electrical engineer, banker, and visionary. His most notable achievement, however was his recognition of the Internet as a merchandizing vehicle, initially for books, and more recently virtually anything.  He created Amazon, which has had its ups and downs, but is now an international powerhouse -- rewarding him with a net worth of $6.5 Billion.

Richard Branson        [Lifeport]

A spin-off of his vision is his interest in the New Frontier:  
Space exploration and commercialization.  

We suspect we'll see the new Post become an advocate vehicle to promote his ideas in the Space realm -- along with fellow visionary Richard Branson of Virgin Group and Virgin Galactic.

What a great combination of talent to head up one of the most influential newspapers in the country.

Let's hope his first act is to clear the Washington Post's board of directors of the Socialists, Communists, and Unionists, and in particular, evicting the former General Motors CEO, Rick Wagoner, who drove GM into bankruptcy and who now uses his position on the board to undercut the electric vehicle industry.

Once Mr Bezos has cleared the Post's deck of worn out deck chairs and political hacks, we look forward to his bringing in new blood, professional journalists, and objective reporting -- rebuilding the Post into the fine newspaper it once was.  

There are many talented young journalists available who are quite savvy about 21st Century technology for distributing objective and accurate news in a profitable manner.  We recommend Mr Bezos reach out and bring the best and brightest of those aboard.
The old school of journalism, dominated by publishers from inherited wealth, had no tolerance for such energetic and innovative upstarts, and alienated advertisers, disdained their readership, and converted their papers into Left Wing propaganda rags.  The Post is a shining example of that template.  Look for the Grahams to be boarding the train that will continue their journey to the 

20th Century.

Mr Bezos, you've arrived in the nick of time.