Saturday, July 6, 2013

Egypt - Moving forward

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Jackson Diehl bemoans the change in government in Egypt whereby the Military escorted President Morsi to the gate, and booted him down the stairs - with the full approval of millions of Egyptians!  Mr Diehl is terribly upset, as are the Post's senior editors, that the Democratically elected President has been "illegally" removed.

Morsi                    []
Mr Morsi came to power in an election almost as questionable as the US election of 2012, which was fraught with illegal voters, voting machines that converted GOP votes to Democrat, and which awarded 100% of votes cast to Mr Obama in a number of key districts.  In one region of Florida, 140% of the registered voters cast their ballots [several times over] for Mr Obama.

In Egypt, the process was similar, but the Egyptians were not as gullible as Americans and would not accept the Chicago-style election results as we did in the US.  Oddly, for an underdeveloped country, the voting public was more astute than the US voters -- recognizing manipulation and fraud for what it was. 

David Axelrod              []

The Egyptian voters were particularly incensed as it appeared that Mr Obama and his Chicago operatives had financed and assisted Mr Morsi's campaign, along with the Muslim Brotherhood, to co-opt the election and win control of the Egyptian government.

Egyptians protest Hillary and US []
When Hillary Clinton arrived in Cairo on her whirlwind global vacation tour, she was shocked to find her diplomatic motorcade the target of thousands of protesters who threw everything from tomatoes to shoes at her limousine.  She was stunned to see placards condemning the US, and in particular, signs condemning both both her and her hubby Bill.  Most notable was that they even protested about Bill's fling with Monica Lewinski.

Muslim Sisterhood's Huma Abedin  []
Al Jazeera provided us some insight into the basis for the Egyptians' anti-US outrage which related to both the US interference in their election and the representation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Sisterhood in the US Administration.

Hillary was a specific target since her Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, has family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood via her mother, Salhea Abedin, who is part of the "Muslim Sisterhood" which consists of wives and daughters of the senior Muslim Brotherhood leadership.

Egyptians took note also of these Obama appointees who are allegedly tied to the Muslim Brotherhood:
Arif Alikhan: Senior DHS Executive
Mohammed Elibiary: Homeland Sec Advisory Council
Rashad Hussain: US Envoy to Islamic Council
Salam al-Maryati: Dir, Islamic Public Affairs Council
Mohamed Magid:  Imam; advisor

Oddly enough, not an iota of this incident appeared on any US network news broadcasts, nor did it appear in any US newspapers.  The Associated Press omitted mention, and all news media ignored widespread foreign reporting of the event.

It was almost as if it had never occurred. 

We are grateful to Al Jazeera for providing both tweets and live coverage, and we are now on a daily feed from Al Jazeera and a number of other foreign news sources -- since there is no news of merit within the US of foreign events, and what news there is is so skewed as to be laughable.

But, we digress.

What lies ahead for Egypt?
According to the Washington Post [aka:  the Obama Press Service], the Muslim Brotherhood has been targeted by the Egyptian Military; meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood is "gaining strength" in resisting the Military.

Muslim Brotherhood     [Daily Mail]
We commented quite a while back about the organization and strength of the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly as it was attempting to gain control of politics in Muslim nations in the Middle East and throughout the world.  Interestingly, it has gained considerable influence in the United States, and a number of Muslim Brotherhood members were appointed to key positions in the US Government.

The Washington Post bemoans the loss of a Democratically elected President and is demanding the US cut off foreign aid to Egypt until "Democracy is restored" -- by damn! 
Put that dictator back in office so he can abuse the office some more!

Why, you'd think they were talking about our own beloved Leader from Behind who has pretty much shredded our Constitution and bankrupted the country while forming  a police state.  Our Military seems to be too cowed to even voice a complaint.

Our prognosis is that the Egyptian Military won't be as weak as the US military and will take the measures necessary to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood for securing a firm foothold in Egypt.  Reports indicate they are seeking out the Muslim Brotherhood leadership and arresting them.

Military:  Egypt First!  Politicians Second      [The Guardian]
Egypt won't return to a pure democracy for a while, although the Military will ensure that Morsi's henchmen are removed before Egypt is destroyed from within.  They will not allow Egypt to become a clone of Iran which has become a police state and has been driven into bankruptcy by religious zealots. 

The Egyptian Military is not interested in managing the country, and will turn it over to responsible civilians to manage.  They'll remain in the background, however, to ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn't try another take-over -- much to the chagrin of our fearless Leader from Behind, and the Washington Post publisher.