Saturday, June 22, 2013

IRS Gives Illegals $100 Million

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Here's a follow-on story to the recent IRS scandals.
And, it came out in spite of harassment of two whistle-blowers.

Turns out, the IRS was so intent on investigating Tea Party organizations it missed a massive scam in which refunds were issued to tens of thousands of illegals listed at single addresses in different parts of the country. 

Free Welfare, Health Care, and $100 Million in Tax Refunds

The IRS also issued ITINs [Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers] to tens of thousands of illegals [in lieu of Social Security Numbers] in spite of an IRS internal audit that highlighted abuse and questionable applications.

Worse, the audit stated that the IRS work environment was such that it
"... discourages (IRS) employees from detecting fraudulent applications."

Here's a breakout of a few of the scams in which tens of thousands refunds were issued to single addresses:

1) Atlanta: [$52,467,407 to four (4) addresses]
    a) 23,994 tax refunds totaling $46,378,040 to "unauthorized" alien workers at one address
    b) 11,284 tax refunds totaling $  2,164,976 to "unauthorized" alien workers at a second address
    c)   3,608 tax refunds totaling $  2,691,448 to "unauthorized" alien workers at a third address
    d)   2,386 tax refunds totaling $  1,232,943 to "unauthorized" alien workers at a fourth address
2) Oxnard, California:  ................2,507 tax refunds totaling $10,395,874 to illegals at one address

3) Raleigh, NC:  ..........................2,408 tax refunds totaling $7,284,212 to illegals at one address

4) Phoenix, AZ:  ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2,047 tax refunds totaling $5,558,608 to illegals at one address

5) Palm Beach Gardens, FL:  .........1,972 tax refunds totaling $2,256,302 to illegals at one address

6) San Jose, CA:  .........................1,942 tax refunds totaling $5,091,027 to illegals at one address

7) Arvin, CA: ...............................1,846 tax refunds totaling $3,298,877

So, for these ten (10) locations alone, the IRS dispensed a total of $86,352,307 to illegals in the US.

The scam was originally authorized under the Clinton Administration in spite of a warning from the Inspector General at the Department of the Treasury:

"The IRS issues ITINs to undocumented aliens to 'improve non-resident alien compliance with tax laws. [However] This IRS practice seems counter-productive the INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service (now ICE)] mission to identify undocumented aliens and prevent unlawful entry."

In August 2012, the Treasury IG Audit [TIGTA] noted
"...IRS management has not established adequate internal controls to detect and prevent the assignment of an ITIN to individuals submitting questionable applications.  Even more troubling, TIGTA found an environment which discourages employees from detecting fraudulent applications."

Oddly, only 154 addresses were used to obtain more than 1,000 ITIN applications to the IRS. 
How long would it take to have IRS send investigators to these addresses to determine why thousands of refunds were going to a single address.  Perhaps the IRS could use some of the hundreds of agents hired to enforce ObamaCare.

So, aside from the fact that the IRS apparently has no internal controls to monitor illegals or bogus applications for refunds -- to the tune of nearly $100 Million [that we know of], we have to wonder what's going on here.

I'll arrest those whistle-blowers!                  [Fox News]
On the surface, we are to believe that roughly 50,000 illegals got together to create a scam to defraud the US Government of $100 million. 

Pretty sharp, these illegals, most of whom operate with a grade school education.

This operation seems to sophisticated for a small group of illegals.  So, let's take a look at who could have pulled this off.

1)  IRS supervisors, recognizing weaknesses in the system, could have set up these scams, and, being in senior positions, could [and apparently did] squash any reports by employees alerting the system of this scam.  [A strong maybe, but, there are an awful lot of dedicated, honest IRS employees.]

2)  Contractors who identified systemic weakness, created the scams, and would likely have been in positions to misdirect or quash reports by alert IRS employees. [Most likely]

3)  DNC Party hacks [appointees], with the skill sets obtained in developing programs designed to scam the government in Chicago.  [A possible]

4)  A combination of 1 - 3: Most probable.

Fired? [Actually, he retired!]      [NPR]

Was Steven Miller involved in this scam? 

Let's call him back for more testimony before Congressional committees; don't let this conniving bureaucrat loose until he's answered ALL the questions.

And, let's track the recipients of these "tax refunds."