Thursday, June 20, 2013

Immigration Sellout?

Immigrants who took the Naturalization [i.e., legal] path to US Citizenship                      [US Army-Korea photo]
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Somewhere along the line, Senators Rubio and McCain seem to have switched Parties. 

The Gang of Eight "bipartisan" immigration bill, at 1,075 pages, opens a gateway for eight million illegals to become US citizens.  According to the CBO [Congressional Budget Office], the cost of legalizing these illegals would significantly "....increase federal spending in the form of benefits for those gaining legal status" -- but those costs would theoretically be offset if these immigrants joined the labor force and obtained legal jobs. 

-- But would they not then displace workers who had been legal citizens?

The path to citizenship should not include entering our country illegally, refusing to learn English, paying no taxes, spawning children here, drawing health and welfare benefits, demanding our  laws be translated into the illegal's language, committing crimes

-- and then joining large protests to demand the right to vote for our politicians to create more benefits for "formerly" illegal immigrants.

The old way worked well.

Apply for a work/student/temporary visa; get a US sponsor, apply for citizenship, get a job, pay taxes, learn about the USA, its history and laws, and follow the legal procedures.

It might take a while, but there is a great deal of satisfaction for the traditional immigrants who have gone through the legal process, tedious as it is, to go through the citizenship classes, learn English as their primary language, learn about their new country, learn the Pledge of Allegiance, and pay taxes to offset the benefits they receive as US citizens.

Other than Native Americans, the rest of us are descendants of legal immigrants.  For the most part, we love our country, warts and corrupt politicians and all the negatives, because it remains the single country on earth that offers everyone the opportunity to succeed -- or fail -- beyond their wildest dreams.

Learning English would help [@PatDollard]

We're not interested in the hate-filled demonstrations of illegals who have yet to learn English, who wave the flags of their native countries, who thrive in the Underground Economy without paying taxes, who fill our Emergency Rooms to obtain unpaid medical care, who fill our schools, and who now form a substantially large percentage of our prison population.

(c) A.F. Branco

But, least of all, we have no use for politicians who want to legalize these illegal immigrants to get their votes. 

[Photo Credits:
US Army-Korea
Pat Dollard
A.F. Branco