Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama's bogus IRS firing
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We need a villain to distract the public's attention from Benghazi!

Take one for the team, and maybe we'll fix you up with a lucrative position at Goldman Sachs.  
We'll technically "fire" you today, which will simply move up your previously planned departure in June; burn up your accrued leave on your way out and you can have your government salary plus your new private sector salary. TurboTax Timmy can coach you on how to manipulate your taxes."

Turns out this scandal, appearing in the midst of the Benghazi Congressional inquiry, was likely manufactured and produced by -- the Obama Administration, as a sideshow to distract the public's attention from Benghazi.  The Washington Post helped "break the story" by reporting that Lois Lerner, IRS Director of the IRS Exempt Organization Division, appeared before the American Bar Association and "let slip" the disclosure that the IRS was investigating the Tea Party and other non-profits.

Hmm, what are the chances that one out of hundreds of lawyers at that gathering might alert the Media of this "scandal".

Other than Miller, we somehow doubt anyone at the IRS will take a hit, and the Administration will offer up still another scandal to distract the public from the Benghazi Hearings.

But, following Rahm's advice to "never let a scandal go to waste", let's take a look at Mr Miller:

Stage Show: Prince of Darkness?          [IndependentSentinal]
Steven T. Miller, Acting Commissioner of the IRS, was "fired" by Mr Obama to satisfy criticism of Mr Obama's politicizing the IRS to neutralize Conservative fundraising organizations during the 2012 Presidential Election. 

His previously scheduled departure had been in a few weeks, in June, 2013 -- which is when he will actually leave, now that he's been fired.

So, firing him affects his departure date not in the least! 

He screwed over the Conservatives in the election; now he's being rewarded.

But, it has made for an excellent Media Production for Mr Obama!
And now, the New York Times has picked up the story, NOT as a scandal, but as a means to vilify the Tea Party.

Mr Obama continues to be Pure of Heart!  Decisive, and goshdarnit! INTOLERANT of federal abuse!  Why, as soon as he learned of this scandal, he FIRED the Acting Commissioner!
[And Stevie, thanks for everything you did to screw over the Conservatives, and especially the Tea Party.  Without your help, I couldn't have won the election!]

       David Axelrod                           []

More Axelrod manipulation?
Will he take his stage productions to Broadway?
Will he visit Stalin's grave this year?

Unstated was that Miller apparently rose to prominence in the last four years by following the direction of Tim Geithner and Mr Obama.

Miller, a 25 year veteran of the IRS, moved rapidly up to and through the senior ranks during this
Administration; here are his recent positions:

Acting Commissioner
Assistant Commissioner
Director of Exempt Organizations and the IRS Whistleblower Office
Director of Tax Exempt and Government Entities
Director of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility
Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement
Special Assistant to the Assistant Commissioner,

Georgetown University                   [Wikimedia]

Stevie is an alum of the University of Maryland, got his JD from GWU, and his Masters of Laws from Georgetown. 

They must be proud of this alum who used his education to abuse his position of federal government power.

Perhaps they'll put his picture and bio on the their recruiting literature.