Tuesday, May 21, 2013

CIA Outs Itself

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Administration Target      [Fox News]

The Intelligence Leak Scandal has now morphed into a full-blown attack on Fox News reporter James Rosen, who wrote about the potential of North Korean nuclear weapons back in 2009. 

When the intelligence analysis was disclosed, the DOJ apparently searched and searched to find the evil-doers responsible for such a breach of intelligence.

And, it appears that DOJ's intense searches to determine the source of Rosen's information forced them to gather records on the Associated Press, members of the National Press Club in Washington, and an as yet undetermined number of journalists who might be determined to be unfriendly to -- or at least not fully supportive of this Administration

Yemen                 [CIA MAP]

It appears that the DOJ made that leap when details of a multi-agency operation against a terrorist group in Yemen were "compromised" when they were published in US Media, not the least of which was front page coverage in the Washington Post, which provided extensive detail of methods and sources, stopping just short of listing the home addresses and names of the children of all the operators involved.

We've written about these topics in the past.

North Korea     [CIA Map]

On Korea, we wrote several pieces, noting that the North Korean threat was essentially "much ado about nothing" and that an attack by North Korea against South Korea would be measured in hours, if not minutes.

More hype from the White House in an attempt to distract the public from Benghazi


On the Yemen operation targeting al-Qaeda, we wrote almost tongue in cheek assuming the extraordinary number of details the Post printed could only have been created as fantasy since no Intelligence Community operator would ever disclose that level of operational detail, no matter how much torture they might endure.  Given the current hunt for the purveyor of all that sensitive information, and the operational players [to include CIA, FBI, DOD, and the Saudis] the information would have most likely emanated from the White House itself.

CIA Director Brennan              [Breitbart]
And, lo and behold, it turns out that John Brennan, then counter-terrorism advisor and now, newly appointed Director of CIA, provided the Press a full briefing on the planning, the objectives, the conduct of the operation, the players, and of course, the Methods and Sources.

Mr Brennan was a one-man Press Conference, talking to the Washington Post, ABC's Good Morning America, and apparently, anyone with a microphone and camera!  There was probably more damage inflicted in Brennan's disclosures of Methods and Sources than even the White House disclosures following the SEAL Team assassination of Osama bin Laden. 

So, how is it that this witch-hunt for leaks is focusing solely on a Fox News reporter - rather than on Administration officials?

We've commented periodically on the fact that this Administration has leaked more sensitive intelligence Methods and Sources than any other in the history of the US.  The term "sieve" might best describe the leaks, but, that would be too conservative of a description. 

What sets this Administration apart from all its predecessors is the absence of professionals.  Instead, we find politicians occupying each key cabinet positions and well into the middle management positions.  Every action in this Administration seems to be political, and we've seen very little, if any, professionalism in any agency, at any level.

   There have always been "official leaks" disseminated subtly by Administration "knowledgeable senior officials"; the disclosure of sensitive intelligence, which NEVER included sources or methods,  was a form of diplomatic maneuver -- but NEVER political. 

In this Administration, there are no professionals operationally engaged - only politicians, thus endangering operations which have taken decades to create, groom and mature, and which involved agent and support nets developed carefully employing all the skills of both the clandestine and covert operational communities.

We've seen how well the political patronage system has worked in Chicago, Mr Obama's training ground, and note that the City's corruption has extended throughout the state, pulling both into fiscal and moral bankruptcy. 

The politicization of our diplomatic and intelligence system will most assuredly weaken our capacity to resist or repel our enemies of today or tomorrow.