Saturday, April 6, 2013

Social Security for Illegals?

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The Washington Post today published a heart-rending article on the unease and near-panic of Marcelo, [Not Further Identified (NFI)] age 46, a Maryland construction worker who is approaching retirement age. 

He fears that, due to current Social Security legislation, he won't be eligible for those retirement benefits; but, he, and the Post are looking forward to a package of Social Security benefit for Marcelo and folks just like him -- i.e., hard-working, undocumented [aka: illegal] laborers who don't pay into the Social Security system, but who expect to reap its benefits.

The Post story [written by Tara Bahrampour, who refers to herself as The Iranian] notes critically that all those Social Security benefits will evaporate as 78 million greedy  Baby Boomers cash in on this bundle of benefits for which they are so undeserving.  

Now, the fact that most of those Boomers [like yours truly] each added hundreds of thousands of dollars to this program over their working lifetimes of employment is apparently irrelevant. 
To clarify, Social Security has been funded since its inception by people who worked in the US and contributed a portion of their salaries each pay period.  It wasn't meant as a retirement fund initially, but merely as a buffer -- just in case.  Generally speaking, most Boomers never really intended to draw on this fund since they had invested wisely and had substantial retirement assets -- until 2008. 

You may remember 2008 as the year in which all the scheming by Wall Street financiers [the 30-somethings] created "derivative packages" which were bought by mutual funds, retirement funds, and various investment houses.  

When the unregulated [read Barney Frank] financial system collapsed, so too did the retirement programs in which the Boomers had heavily contributed.  

The culprits?  Wall Street, to include Goldman Sachs and AIG, and their 30-Something coke-snorting traders who disdained the Boomers as "suckers."

So, the Social Security fund, which most Boomers never expected to have to tap into, suddenly became a lifeline, salvaging mortgages, health care co-pays, and food.

But, we digress.
It seems that our Liberal establishment [e.g., the Washington Post (owned by Limousine Liberals)] feels the money in the Social Security fund should instead go to immigrants who need the money far more than the Boomers, whom they imply are useless wastrels who would spend their benefits on food, housing, and increasingly expensive ObamaCare co-pays [and, of course, student loan payments their adult children are no longer able to make as they are now unemployed or underemployed]. 

After all, those Boomers, being used to sacrifice and hard work over the last 50 years or so, will likely vote Conservative in an effort to block Mr Obama's Socialist program which promises to emulate the success of Hugo Chavez's Venezuelan economy; whereas, the undocumented [aka: illegal] aliens, when [note that is NOT an IF] are granted US citizenship, will vote for the Democratic ticket which will increase spending on benefits for our newest "citizens" and their extended families.

But, as Ms Bahrampour notes:  

"Some [NFI] argue that if undocumented [aka: illegal] immigrants are allowed to live and work here legally, they will contribute more";

or, in that status, they will likely continue their practice of sending most of their earnings back to their home countries for the benefit of their home governments and their extended families -- who will spend that money as local consumers [i.e., outside the US] and thus contribute nothing to the US economy. [Ever wonder how China was able to accumulate so much US currency? Millions of Chinese working in the US transferring billions of dollars every year to their extended families back home.]
Will illegals soon have the vote -- and decide our laws?

However, while these illegal workers are here, they send their kids to US schools, demand that their kids be allowed to attend US colleges [with scholarships], and inhabit our hospital Emergency Rooms -- for lack of medical insurance, forcing the hospitals and medical practitioners to increase their fees for legal, paying patients.  

And, let's not forget that illegals make up a majority of our prison population, having been arrested for a wide variety of crimes far beyond their lack of documentation.

Proud to now be Americans!

Unaddressed in Ms Bahrampour's heart-wrenching article is the issue of all the documented immigrants [aka: LEGAL] who live and work legally in the US, pay taxes, pay into Social Security, and spend their earnings in the US, thus benefiting the US economy, and enhancing the overall health of the US.

Now, we wonder if Ms Bahrampour's parents might have been part of the wave of Iranian immigrants who arrived as "students" and stayed on -- indefinitely.  So, perhaps she writes from an unusual perspective.


Administration professional hand-wringers seem to feel that the only ways to alleviate this Social Security shortfall would be to 
  1. Increase taxes
  2. Increase FICA deductions
  3. Increase the age of eligibility for SS recipients [except for undocumented (aka: illegal) immigrants]
  4. Reduce the benefits of SS recipients

We believe they might try enforcing the existing legislation requiring that all [repeat ALL] workers pay into the system from which they expect to benefit.  Illegals should not expect to exploit the benefits for which the Boomers have sacrificed and paid for.

Our multi-cultural soccer team

As a footnote, we don't mean to imply that these illegals are bad folks [well, some of them are].  We have taught and coached their kids in school and on soccer fields,, steered them towards jobs, and advised them on pursuing citizenship in the proper manner.  

We have also worked with many legitimate immigrants who spent ten years or so in the queue for citizenship, and who have met all the requirements necessary to citizenship, and who are now citizens.