Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston - DHS Scheme?

So many anomalies and no investigative reporters

This is a reposting of the original blog post from 2013 
as we update our analysis and assessment, and add some 
new factors which add to the questionable aspects of this
event, and add several financial factors we overlooked in 
the original analysis.  We've highlighted the new material 
and emphasized key issues in Red for your quick review.

We will review each of our posts on Mass Shootings and 
other horrors which are either False Flag, or, manipulations
of individuals under psychological or psychiatric care.


The more reports we read on the Boston Bombing, the less sense the Official reports make.
The "official" reports need to be consistent, but they are not. 

We'll present our critique of this event in several segments from the personal experience standpoint of having been, in succession, an intelligence operative, a special agent with experience in [successful] counter-terrorist operations and an investigator of national security issues, a strategic analyst at the Pentagon and the State Department, and, directing international intelligence operations. 

Thus, we can dispense with petty sniping from those whose experience is based on X-Box games or watching episodes of "24".

The basic story of the Boston Bombing is that two Chechen young men emplaced two pressure cooker IEDs packed with ball bearings and nails near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  They then detonated the bombs, likely using remote controls with batteries, causing injuries to runners and bystanders, killing three. That scenario has now been expanded to claim the two perps were part of a 12-man "sleeper cell."

1) Photos from mounted cameras as well as bystanders showing the explosions and various suspicious characters were distributed to the Media and on the Internet. 

2) Photos showing the two "perps", one wearing a white baseball cap, were distributed in short order. 

3) Suspicious characters were detained and questioned; among them a Saudi national who was
    quickly released and shipped off to Ryadh.  Rumors now claim he was part of the "sleeper cell".
Are these SEALs Perps or Fall Guys?

a) Two persons of interest were apparently Navy SEALs assigned to the Exercise.  The leaks may have been intended to make SEALs the fall guys.
 [Of note is the number of SEALs who have died mysteriously since their hit on Osama bin Laden]

b)  DHS denied the Exercise included the Marathon

c)  Spectators stated there were repeated Marathon      announcements referencing a "security exercise" and they should not be concerned by bomb-sniffing dogs or security personnel. 
[Notably, the bomb-sniffing dogs did not detect the bombs
Real bombs? went off later?

 d)  The Boston Globe tweeted to officials:
"There will be a controlled explosion opposite the library within one minute as part of bomb squad activities"

4) The perps, after months of meticulous planning and preparation, now, in the midst of a massive police, FBI, and DHS presence, rob a convenience store?and,  shoot/kill a campus policeman? drawing the attention of the entire law enforcement community to them?    

5) The perps then carjack a vehicle, the owner of which states that he saw them "light a fuse" on a pressure cooker.

6) The police conduct a high speed chase, during which shots are fired, and the perps toss bombs out the vehicle window.

7)  The police have a shoot-out with the perps, killing the older perp, and wounding the younger one.

[Audio of the shoot-out sounds like what one would hear on a shooting range; i.e., evenly spaced pistol shots, one at a time, followed by a rifle shot, then followed by dozens of weapons being fired simultaneously, as if every armed law enforcement officer felt compelled to empty his weapon.]

IR Photo of Perp hiding in Boston boat 
8)  The police discover the younger perp hiding in a covered boat parked in the backyard of a Boston citizen, who discovered the wounded lad in the boat, even though the perp was not visible, and there were no blood trails leading to the boat, or any reason the boat's owner would inspect the boat since he was supposedly out for a smoke.

Once that anomaly had been pointed out, DHS posted an InfraRed [IR] photo of a boat with a human form in it.  No confirmation that it was the perp or even the boat in question, but, it satisfied "inquiring minds".

Now, let's look at the Pressure Cooker IEDs/bombs.
We'll return later to the overall scenario, which we liken to an amateurish Hollywood script rather than a realistic account of the event.  We'll examine the entire scenario piecemeal to highlight all the discrepancies in the "official" version of this latest "terrorist" event.

Of late, there is an official report that the perps carjacked a vehicle, and the owner stated that one of the perps "lit the fuse" on a pressure cooker.  If the pressure cooker bombs used timers and batteries for detonation, it likely would not make sense to "light a fuse" on such a device, unless the bombers wished to blow themselves up.

It's possible he was lighting a fuse on a small IED, e.g., CO2 cartridge with a drilled top; but, that would be tiny compared with a "cooker" bomb; so, even a person completely ignorant of such things could tell the difference between a bomb the size of a small radish vs one the size of a pumpkin.  But, such small IEDs would tie to the official accounts that the perps were tossing bombs out the window of the car during the high speed chase.  Or, maybe it was written into the script.

For the moment, let's address the pressure cooker IED issues:

1) The recovered cooker was bent, but had no holes, large or small, which would be normal in a shrapnel producing IED.

2) The lid of the cooker was found on top of a nearby building, indicating it was placed and detonated upright, which would indicate a blast throwing shrapnel outward and upward, causing upper body injuries.

3)  The actual blast was directional, much like a Claymore, which distributes shrapnel at ground level, inflicting damage on lower body extremities [i.e., legs].

Will this fit in your backpack?

4)  Cookers are too large to fit easily into backpacks.

5)  Backpacks stuffed with a cooker and left in place would be vulnerable to pedestrians kicking or tripping over them; or, possibly removal by petty thieves. 

New reports claim the perps placed the bombs only minutes before the detonations, whereas original reporting claimed the bombs had been pre-positioned hours before.


These instructions in al Qaeda magazine Inspire are drawn from the Anarchist's Cookbook produced in 1971 by William Powell of the Weather Underground, led by Bill Ayers - Mr Obama's business partner in Chicago, and a self-proclaimed terrorist.

20 Runners visible; No flag movement on right; no officials or police injured; no shrapnel?
6)  The flags in the photos indicate a tight explosive pattern, like a Claymore mine; a cooker would have created a more rounded effect with flags closest bent outward severely, while peripheral flags would show decreasing degrees of bending with distance from the blast.
NOTE: The flags on the right side of the photo show no movement.

Notably, the explosion blew the flags, but apparently no shrapnel; otherwise, the officials near the blue barriers would have been ripped apart.  Instead, they're quite casual.  In total, at the time of the blast, there were only 20 visible runners [count them] who could have been injured or killed by the shrapnel blast.
Oddly, the official reports count three runners dead, and hundreds injured.
[Was there any shrapnel?  How were "hundreds" injured if there were only 20 runners near the blast?  And, why were no officials [yellow jackets] injured/killed?]

But, we digress; back to the official account of this amazing event.
One conclusion would be the placement of "cookers" to create smoke and noise, while, the actual IED would be a Claymore mine, easily packed into a backpack with multiple means of detonation.

The majority of those reportedly treated at nearby hospitals had wounds to the lower body/extremities, consistent with the directional Claymore, but, inconsistent with the pressure cooker IED.

We do not challenge the fact that this event occurred in some fashion, nor do we challenge the fact that the Chechens were involved in some way.  Unfortunately, one perp is dead, the other is severely wounded and unavailable for comment or interrogation. 

Were the perps "role players"?

A scenario presented is that the Chechens were hired as part of the DHS security exercise, and so they expected to be rounded up as part of the exercise -- thus the distinctive white cap as an easy identifier, and the videos of the Perps placing bags near the finish line; and the carjacking of a witness who described in detail their plans to attack New York City before he was released.
[That would fit nicely into a training script for analysts to follow]

Noise and Smoke - but no shrapnel!     [Telegraph]
But, the main flaw [among so many] in the official story remains the pressure cooker; it is displayed as evidence but bears no validating signature [i.e., puncture holes from shrapnel], indicating it may have held explosives, but no shrapnel.

That would account for the vertical plumes of smoke, and it would tie to the Boston Globe's Tweet of an imminent "exercise" bomb blast -- perhaps validating the theory these Chechens were hired as role players, or  set-up as fall guys. 

Arms Tech, Ltd  MM-1 Directional [Claymore] Mine
As to the reported injuries/deaths of runners and spectators, it would make sense to examine the lateral blast pattern of military Claymore mines as an explanation for all those lower body wounds on spectators and runners. So, where did those Claymores come from?

Military Claymores [8.5"x 5" x 1.5"] have an effective range of about 150 feet, but a smaller version [see photo] would be more likely.  This one is small [5" x 3" x 1.5"], weighing about two pounds - with about 400 steel balls.  Kill radius is about 50 feet with a swath of 16 feet, targeting the lower body.

Most intriguing is the totally incongruous hold-up of a convenience store, the shooting of the campus police officer, and the car-jacking -- which suddenly recast the Chechens from role players to "perps" -- ending in a real shoot-out with law enforcement officers who presumed they were dealing with real terrorists.

The latest twist on this convoluted story is that the two Chechen youths were a part of a 12-man "sleeper cell".  So, now, the scenario has been created by which DHS can rationalize imposing national police powers in their regional -- or even national search for terrorists. There are precedents for such scenarios, particularly with the FBI.

There is also the Israeli Intelligence take on this event, claiming the Chechen brothers were double agents, trained by the FBI/DHS to penetrate al Qaeda terrorist cells -- but who were doubled by al Qaeda into carrying out an actual attack.  Something to consider, but we suspect there is some fiction wrapped in fact there.

Could this be a prelude to suspensions of your rights as DHS invokes the provisions of the Patriot Act and the NDAA as they pursue "terrorists."   This will not end well.

The official accounts continue to be anomalous; and so far, we can only assume this scenario was created as a Hollywood movie script, complete with role players -- and live victims.

This is our second attempt to update this blogpost with new material.
Our previous attempt was mysteriously censored, eliminating the following material, 
which we again post for your edification. [We'll address the censorship of 
Google and Facebook in a future blog and invite closer scrutiny
 of both by [Trump era] federal authorities.

So, why are we re-examining this event which most experienced observers view as a hoax? 
Well, one of our more astute followers highlighted financially significant events which coincided with this news-consuming event. 

1) It seems [then] President Obama's henchmen were busy at work rewriting legislation, or rather, editing the legislation called the Stock Act, removing these key restrictive elements:
   a)  Searchable, sortable disclosure of information contained in reports, even of Congress, 
        the President, the Vice President, Cabinet Officers, and Congress, to include the dates
        of such reports or transactions.
   b) Requirements for electronic filing for Congress, the President, the Vice President, the
       Cabinet, Congress, Congressional Candidates, AND high-level Executive and
       Congressional Branch employees/appointees.  Even the images of staffers' 
       filing will not be available for viewing on the Internet or web sites.

What does this mean?
No Transparency or Watchdog accountability

Essentially, INSIDER INFORMATION employed by federal officials, elected or appointed, or employees, would no longer be transparent.  This class of The Swamp [or the Deep State] would be able to "play the Market" with full knowledge of an impending crisis [e.g., the Boston Bombing], selling stocks ahead of the event knowing the Market would plummet, and then buy back their shares after the event at rock bottom prices.

So, what occurred on the day of the Boston Bombing?
1)  The DJ Industrial Average plummeted, finally rebounding with only a 265 point loss. Trading volume was up significantly before the Boston Bombing, followed by a selling spree after the bombing.  [Insider trading?]

2)  Gold and Silver prices plummeted to their lowest price since the 1980s.

3)  Obama had signed the Stock Act Reversal, protecting all those Insider Traders.  It would seem a good opportunity to amend the Stock Act Reversal to reinstate the original language.