Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spy Release?

Israel's Super-Spy, confident he'll be released because the US is anti-Semitic

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We were concerned that Mr Obama's visit to Israel would result in an agreement to release one of the most heinous spies in US history -- as a means to satisfy Israel that Mr Obama is "pro-Israel" and that the US is not anti-Semitic; yea verily, it has come to pass.  All US politicians learn that they must pay obeisance to AIPAC if they value their political careers.
[Note the intense questioning regarding views on Israel surrounding the nomination of candidates for US Secretary of Defense.]

Although the Parole Board has ruled that Pollard must remain in the US for five years following his release, we fully expect him to violate his parole and will be whisked away by private jet to Israel where he will be greeted as a hero.

On several occasions, US Presidents have been pressured to release Mr Pollard as a sign of good-will towards Israel, our "ally".  On those occasions, the US Intelligence and Military Communities have joined together [a highly unusual event] to vehemently oppose Pollard's release; once CIA Director [Tenet] threatened to resign, and other Directors and senior Military officers began going public with disclosures of just how much damage this spy had caused to national security, causing both Mr Clinton and Mr Obama to rethink their inclinations.

The spy is Jonathon Pollard, who claims he got a raw deal and was persecuted because he is a Jew, also claims that his extensive espionage was solely to protect the interests of Israel, and certainly did no harm to the US. 

At least one of those statements is true.  Mr Pollard is, in fact, a Jew.

So, why is Mr Pollard so special in the espionage world, where the US has traditionally exchanged spies with our enemies?

First, Mr Pollard worked primarily for Israel, which has assured us since its inception that it is not our enemy, but in fact, is an ally -- if not our "friend."

So, the espionage aspect is a bit unpalatable -- even though it has continued unabated for many decades, often using US politicians as the means to emplace their operatives into positions with access to sensitive, compartmented intelligence [e.g., NJ governor McGreevey, and Assistant Secretary of Defense Perle]. 

There are some who believe it was Mr Perle and/or Lieutenant General Sidney Weinstein who protected Mr Pollard each time he was fired or investigated -- but there is no conclusive evidence supporting those allegations.

When the US demanded the return of the "tens of thousands" of classified documents Pollard had provided Israel, it received only a few dozen minimally classified documents -- with Israel denying possession of any other documents.  US investigators traveling to Israel came under non-stop harassment from the time they arrived until their [empty-handed] departure.

Mr Netanyahu's arrogance in recent times, during which he demanded the release of Mr Pollard has done more harm than good -- particularly since many in the US Intelligence and Military Communities recall Mr Pollard's activities in detail -- to include the lives of US Intelligence officers lost because of his duplicity and espionage.

Jonathon Pollard was recruited by Israel to spy against the US, worked at Navy's HUMINT program [TF-168] and collected thousands of Top Secret intelligence documents, to include satellite codes, from the Navy, CIA, DIA, NSA, and the NRO, turning them over to Israel, South Africa, Pakistan, Iran, Argentina, Taiwan, and China.  

He also provided information on the location and activities of US intelligence personnel, who were covertly assigned to the US Embassy in Beirut which was blown up in a 1984 false flag "terrorist" incident - attributed to Hezbollah. His assignment to TF-168 had gained him access to highly compartmented HUMINT and Special Operations conducted by TF-157 and all the Military Services, as well as joint operations with the CIA.  The special team of intelligence analysts detailed to the embassy to monitor

It appears that Pollard was recruited as early as 1979 and managed to gain employment in Naval Intelligence in spite of issues such as heavy drug usage and failing his polygraph.  A series of supervisors recommended his immediate dismissal and revocation of his security clearance -- any one of which would have ended the employment and security clearance of the average intelligence officer. 

Pollard on VideoCam stealing docs
Nonetheless, Pollard not only kept his employment, but received a much higher security clearance and an assignment to highly sensitive operations and heavily restricted material.  Within that environment, he was able to obtain "courier status" and carry out tens of thousands of highly classified documents without a challenge.

In retrospect, it is clear Pollard did not act alone, and certainly had a sponsor within Naval Intelligence or DOD protecting him.  Speculation included a flag rank Army Intelligence officer [now deceased]

 His activities undermined and destroyed a large number of clandestine operations, resulting in the death of both US case officers and recruited agents.

In addition, Mr Pollard provided to Israel the 10-volume RASIN [Radio-Signal Notations] manual which detailed the US global surveillance network -- to include SIGINT/COMINT and other sensitive electronic systems.

In addition to passing sensitive intelligence to Israel,  Mr Pollard passed our most sensitive secrets and methods to China, the Soviet Union, and to a number of other countries.

That information included the US Navy's highly sensitive methodology for tracking Soviet submarines -- putting US national security at risk, as well as the lives of US Navy personnel tracking the Soviet subs.

Mr Pollard achieved substantial financial gain by selling classified economic and financial intelligence to investment counselors on Wall Street, and profited from their gain.

Mr Pollard, who claimed he performed his espionage solely through his love of Israel -- and his hatred of the US -- accepted a monthly stipend from Israel of $2,500/month [in that time frame, a sizable sum] plus at least one cash payment of $50,000.  US Prosecutor's estimated his financial gain in the neighborhood of $540,000.  We remain unsure how much profit he derived from the other foreign intelligence agencies he serviced.  

One of his accomplices, Kurt Lohbeck, advised in an interview with syndicated columnist Seymour Hersh that, at no time during their associated activities did Pollard once mention that his motivation was to support Israel.  Lohbeck advised Pollard's sole motivation was "money".

The Israelis were particularly pleased with Pollard's delivery of technical details of US satellite surveillance so they could defeat any US monitoring of Israeli ground movements. 

They mistook the US flag for the Egyptian flag -- all day long

In 1967, they went to the extreme measures of bombing, torpedoing, and strafing an unarmed, clearly identified US Navy electronic surveillance ship in international waters which was monitoring the Six-Day War -- ironically as a stand-by measure to lend Israel assistance in the event the Soviets intervened on the part of Egypt.  US casualties were 34 dead, 171 wounded.

On the anniversary of that attack, US 5th Fleet ships came under attack by unidentified fighters.  There was speculation that the  fighters were Israeli in a "false flag" attack to force the US to attack Iran.

Israel later apologized, advising they misidentified the US ship, which was flying the US flag, which was communicating with IDF headquarters in English and Hebrew, identifying itself as a US Navy ship.  The Israelis claimed they thought it was an Egyptian ship, although the NSA and the US Navy produced recordings of Israeli fighter pilots laughing as they strafed "the stupid Americans"; the Israelis were unable to explain why they were jamming the Liberty's attempted communications with the 6th Fleet.

Although Israel and AIPAC regard the attack on the USS Liberty a minor, and ancient issue -- for which they've apologized, US Intelligence and Military folks give it a higher ranking as a terrorist act than the attack on the USS Cole, and on a par with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor;
the difference in the latter case was that the Japanese attacked the US as an enemy, while Israel attacked the US as an ally.

I make US Middle East policy!!!
But, to return to our original focus, we grow weary of Israel and AIPAC attempting [and often succeeding] to direct our foreign policy.  We invaded Iraq to topple Saddam reportedly on the basis of Israel's intelligence that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction -- and in the process, alienated the US from the Arab world.  Israel and AIPAC routinely threaten our politicians if they do not stridently support Israel -- even if such support is directly in contradiction to US interests.

So we should not succumb to the demands for releasing Mr Pollard whose egregious acts of treason cost the lives of a number of US intelligence officers and seriously threatened our national security.

We urge our Congress, and particularly Mr Obama, to take the appropriate action in this issue, and to deny Israel's pressure to release Mr Pollard.  To this day, we still do not have an accurate damage assessment, and Mr Pollard's accomplices and protector within Naval Intelligence and DOD remain not formally identified.

We fully expect to come under attack from AIPAC proxies over this discussion; if they stay true to form, we will be accused of being hateful, anti-Semites -- a charge most of our Jewish supporters will rebut.