Sunday, February 10, 2013

Did CIA Out Petraeus?

Here's an interesting revelation.  The British Daily Mail reports what the US Press ignores -- again.

The CIA Old Guard decided to destroy Petraeus' credibility when he learned of their rogue operation in Benghazi.  Disgracing Petraeus created the smokescreen they needed to hide their involvement in transferring arms to the Muslim Brotherhood.  They successfully manipulated the FBI and the Media, got rid of Petraeus, and diverted public [and Congressional] attention from Benghazi.

OSS Professionals in WWII
Ever since the OSS, only rarely has the CIA has had smart guys running the organization.  Following WWII, most of the professionals that General Donovan had recruited from the Private Sector returned to their old jobs as executives in the Fortune 500 and on Wall Street.

That left the Third String in charge, leading to some fairly amateurish and disastrous results [e.g., the installation of the Shah of Iran].  Nonetheless, enough professionals remained to create an excellent analysis element, and they performed well.  But, even they became politicized.

After Jimmy Carter and Stansfield Turner gutted the top two-thirds of the CIA's professional spooks, it's ranks were swollen with ex-cops and duds [e.g., Brennan] who assumed the spy mantel without any skills. Attempts to clean it up have always failed; the last guy who tried [before Petraeus] was Porter Goss.

Petraeus battled with the "Old Guard" [ex-cops]who were running rogue operations "off the radar." 

We, in the Military Services, ran our own clandestine operations for years, long before the OSS was created in WWII. For the most part, those operations were productive, until the old "Counter-Intelligence Corps" [more cops] maneuvered its way into control, and we had the scandals leading to the Church Hearings of the early 1970s.

More destructive, though, was the fact that the CIA had oversight over all intelligence operations since the Director of the CIA was also the Director of Central Intelligence, with oversight over the entire Intelligence Community.  Our objection from the Military Services was that, if our operations were successful and productive, the CIA would step in and seize control -- and then bray on Capitol Hill and to the White House that these "CIA Operations" justified their senior control of Clandestine operations.

Periodically, the CIA would attempt to run paramilitary operations, and would requisition Military personnel from the Pentagon.  When those operations went sour -- as they often did -- the CIA would run to Capitol Hill and complain that "Military Intelligence" screwed up again, and their resources should be under CIA control.  The CIA won either way, and Intelligence Committee members, though suspicious, were overwhelmed with CIA "advisors" on both committees.  [These Advisors maneuvered political hacks like George Tenet and Leon Panetta -- both naive simpletons -- into the Director's position so they could run the Agency as they wished.
Porter Goss - The last real Spook at CIA

Porter Goss, an old hand in the espionage business and anxious to restructure the CIA to make it function properly, was immediately targeted by the Old Guard which floated a number of leaks to the Press to force him out of office.  And, they succeeded.

Military "Young Turks" drawn into the business from the Private Sector, via the Vietnam Draft, decided to restructure Military Clandestine operations and agent nets to meet the needs of Military operations in areas of potential conflict.

In 1984, we, created our own DOD Clandestine Service, consisting of well-educated Military professionals skilled in language, area skills, clandestine and covert ops, and paramilitary operations.

It was a highly successful program, drawing the praise of the Intelligence Committees of both the Senate and the House -- who felt it was such a necessary program that portions of the Goldwater-Nichols Act or 1986 were designed to ensure the DOD Clandestine Service became a career field and a path to flag rank.

Clinton cut the funding and the manpower authorizations, forcing many of these officers officers out of the Military, and eliminating our expertise in the Middle East and North Africa [and other hot spots], and penetration of terrorist organizations.

The results of these actions were notable by the complete surprise of the 9/11 attacks immediately following Clinton's removal from the White House.

John Negroponte - First DNI
Given the total incompetence of the CIA, and the corruption of the DCI position we recommended to the Bush Administration that a separate organization be created as a Director of National Intelligence -- leaving the CIA intact, but as just another intelligence agency -- equal to those which existed in DOD, NSA, NRO, Treasury, Commerce, and State.

The DCI was replaced by the Director of National Intelligence, headed by a diplomat of great experience in a variety of volatile environments, and who was well aware of the deficiencies of the CIA:  John Negropronte.

The story which prompted this post reveals that the "Old Guard" of CIA cops, has once again displaced a professional officer who was leading reform by finding and eliminating "rogue operations" -- such as those uncovered by Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

Brennan: Worst Choice to run CIA
And, once again, the Old Guard [consisting of former ATF, DEA, State Troopers, and street cops] has ousted a professional officer, and are desperately attempting to bring in one of their own witless buffoons to run the Agency  -- John Brennan, with the goal of an end-run around the Director of National Intelligence -- with ability to continue running rogue operations.

Mr Brennan will likely bring us to World War III.