Sunday, January 6, 2013

President for Life

In the finest tradition of Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe

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I wanna BE somebody

Representative Jose' Serrano [D-NY15] introduced Joint Resolution HJ Res 15 proposing an Amendment to the US Constitution to repeal the 22nd Amendment [which limited the President's term in office to to two terms].  This is Serrano's second attempt to repeal the 22nd Amendment.

You would think that by now, Serrano's constituents would have voted him out of office for such nonsense.  But, Mr Serrano is from Puerto Rico, and his 15th District is in New York City -- the Bronx to be exact, including Rikers [Prison] Island, a ConEd electricity plant, the Bronx Zoo, and Yankee Stadium.  His constituency is almost exclusively Latino.  Serrano refers to his District as the poorest in the US.

He is regarded as corrupt by other Congresspersons; Jeff Flake of Arizona took him to task for his $150,000 earmark to repair the roof of the Arthur Avenue Market [$15,000 for the repair; $135,000 in kickbacks?]   His voting record seems more attuned to Puerto Rico than to his constituents in the Bronx; then again, Charley Rangel preceded him in this position.

Serrano is a strong supporter of Hugo Chavez, the corpse currently acting as the President of Venezuela.

At one time, the District was represented by Hugh  Carey, who went on to become Governor of New York [1975-82] - a Conservative Democrat who led the fiscal rescue of NY from the brink of collapse.  Mr Serrano appears to take the opposite position, apparently seeking to lead New York TO financial collapse.  Given his position in the US Congress on the Appropriations Committee, it would appear he will support Mr Obama in leading the US to financial ruin.

After Franklin Roosevelt's fourth term began, responsible politicians of both Parties recognized a dictator when they saw one.  Even by the middle of his second term, he had successfully consolidated considerable power in the Oval Office [sound familiar?], culminating his attempt to pack the Supreme Court with his political hacks.

His attempts to convert the US economy to a Socialist one of Central Planning [like those of the Soviet Union, China, and Cuba] resulted in persistent unemployment between 14% and 17%.

Real 2013 Unemployment: 15% and rising

Mr Obama's real unemployment rate is well over 15%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics U6 statistics which counts true unemployment; that is, Civilian Labor Force unemployed more than 15 weeks, discouraged workers, those with marginal employment, those who have ceased looking for work.

The statistics are being manipulated to make Mr Obama's economy look healthy -- rather than continuing to be on the verge of collapse.

Pres for Life Idi Amin

We see a dictator in the making now -- although it may be too late to stop him. 

Given his track record, we'll expect to see him issue still another Executive Order authorizing him to have unlimited terms, making him President For Life -- just like Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.

Mr Obama has consolidated extraordinary power in the Oval Office through the mechanisms of the Executive Order [EO], enacting 144 in his First Term -- so far.

EO 13603 authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to seize control of "resources, production, services and technology if a 'potential threat' is declared.

EO 13610 authorizes the President to "interpret legislation" [as he sees fit].

EO 13616 authorizes the President to seize control of Broadband [i.e., the Internet] if a "national emergency" is declared.

EO 13617 declared a "National Emergency" based on the existence of enriched uranium in Russia's USSR-era nuclear weapons stockpile.

EO 13618 assigns federal "national security and emergency preparedness" control of all communications functions/

So, what are prospects for Congressman Serrano's proposed amendment?
Roughly nil -- for now.

What are the prospects for Mr Obama declaring himself President for Life -- much higher!