Wednesday, December 26, 2012


GOP Dynosaurs                                                                          [Horsey - LA Times]

Is the GOP dead?  Or just moribund, in need of a transfusion?

Hmm. Three cancerous nodes: Priebus, Rove, Morris; Excise - cauterize.
[ZME Science]
Can it be repaired? Probably, but in addition to the transfusion, it needs organ transplants -- NOW!

Surgically remove the diseased house organs  [Reince Priebus, Dick Morris, Karl Rove], and the rest of the somnolent Old White Guys who preen before each other -- but have no concept of who the voters are or what the voters want.

Replace these cancerous nodes with young, healthy, energetic organs which can renew the health of the entire body.

Should the Tea Party replace the GOP?
Maybe.  Maybe not.  How about integrating them and harnessing their energy.

We chatted with a GOP strategist before the election, and provided him all the key points that needed to be emphasized to attract the mainstream voters in the November election.  We may as well have talked to a brick wall since he was convinced that voters would stream to the GOP because of the economy and that Democrats were completely disillusioned with Obama [and they were].

Thus, the election would be a slam-dunk and we would enjoy a repeat of the Reagan demolition of Jimmy Carter's campaign.

But, that didn't really work out very well, did it.

After the Election, we spoke with an old Conservative Warhorse and we agreed on all the errors that the GOP had made, particularly their focus on a range of single inflammatory issues -- none of which related to what the general voting public wanted to hear,

Right question; No GOP answer!                         []
"How are you going to fix the economy!"

And, the GOP never bothered with an adequate response - even though it would have been easy to trot out the statistics on Romney's success in building dozens of companies through Bain Capital, which created well over a million jobs in the US and internationally.  But, they never mentioned those success stories.

But, the voters listened to Obama's promise to create jobs, even though he created virtually none in his first term.  But he did answer.

The first target of the GOP was the Tea Party.

Attacking your popular allies doesn't win the war 
The GOP attacked and destroyed the Tea Party candidates, even though the Tea Party candidates had won the popular vote in the primaries against the unpopular candidates selected by Priebus, Rove, and Morris.

But, these Tea Party people obviously wouldn't listen and follow the Party Line -- so they were a threat. They obviously weren't worth listening to since they hadn't paid their GOP dues.

So, by joining forces with the Democrats to defeat the Tea Party candidates, the GOP succeeded in ceding Congressional Seats BACK to the Democrats, and turned over more Senate seats -- STRENGTHENING Harry Reid's control of the Senate -- and causing the Tea Party to withdraw their support for the GOP Presidential candidate.

Not satisfied with demolishing Tea Party candidates, the GOP seemingly went out of its way to alienate ALL the major voting groups with their single-issue flame-outs.

Women -
The right to choose issue cost the women's vote [no matter how they felt about abortion]

Latinos -
Rapidly becoming the major minority; the GOP focused on "illegal immigrants" - translated as an attack on Latinos and all other immigrants -- legal or not.

Youth -
They were interested in JOBS!
They were interested in the ECONOMY!
Did the GOP address those concerns?
They couldn't be bothered!

Unemployed -
Yes, they voted; and even though they didn't like Obama, they didn't like the way they were being categorized by the GOP.

Blacks -
Not all blacks live in ghettos; there is a large percentage who think Conservative, and will vote Conservative, if they think the GOP will listen.

Gays -
A major economic force in the cities; the Log Cabin Republicans were a major voting bloc for the GOP -- but the GOP focused on Gay Marriage as a single issue.

Yes, there were/are constituents with strong feelings about abortion, illegal immigrants, welfare recipients, and gay marriage.  But, no matter what the Candidate's answer, those who were violently opposed to those issues weren't going to change their votes no matter what!

Can a newly elected President change the laws regarding any of those issues?
No, not really.  Those are all Congressional issues.

Should the President care?  Well, of course!
Should a Presidential Candidate get sucked into those issues?
Absolutely not!
There is no way to respond without looking like a villain to large segments of the population.

How do we fix the problem?

The solution is to fire the top layer of the GOP bureaucracy, starting with Reince Priebus
[whoever the hell that idiot is!], give Dick Morris a pink slip, and then send Karl Rove packing
[he is no Lee Atwater],
Reagan understood the problem -- and addressed it
-- and finally, start building the GOP structure with young Conservatives who understand the concept of "demographics" and "relevant issues" and "social media".

There are tons of young conservatives out there, ready, willing and very able -- who understand demographics, relevant issues, and social media -- and women's issues.  So far, they've been removed from the process; the Old White Guys' Club has kept them outside.  Much better to sit within the confines of their clubs to decide the fate of the country -- rather than listen to the Young Turks who are actually in touch with the voters and the real economy.

We need fresh blood in the GOP that can grasp the concept that building alliances wins wars.  We allied with the Soviets to win WWII -- after which they became our adversary; but, to win the war, we saw fit to ally with them.

The Future of Conservatives

We have three years to create the strategy to regain the White House.

Get rid of the top layer of the GOP "Leadership" and start bringing in the Young Conservatives who understand demographics, marketing, social media, and -- the voters!