Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Middle East Meltdown

US Ambassador Stevens being dragged through the streets of Benghazi                             (c) Correire della sera

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The Mullah Terry Jones -- Domestic Terrorist  (c)wmbanzai7
This time, according to Reuters, Jones produced a film with an Israeli-American [nfi] portraying "... Mohammed as a fool, a philanderer, and a religious fake ... and included a scene of Mohammed in a sexual act with a woman."

Defenders of Jones claim he exercised his First Amendment Rights and snicker up their sleeves; the families of the dead diplomats are neither snickering nor defending Jones' actions.

We regard Mr Jones, and his "Israeli-American" collaborator, as domestic terrorists who should be held accountable and horse-whipped for Criminal Negligence.

Meanwhile, our Administration seems to be out of touch with issues in the Middle East and North Africa as civil order has collapsed in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Yemen.  We're concerned that Lebanon and Jordan may be next on the crisis list.  Iran, remarkably, seems the most stable, while Israel seems to be taunting fate by Netanyahu's threatening to attack Iran.

Obama genuflects before his king

We're not quite sure what Mr Obama's foreign policy is, or if he even has one.  The closest look we had was when he was bowing and scraping to Saudi King Abdullah.

Perhaps his majesty is Mr Obama's foreign policy advisor.

When Tunisia cranked up the Arab Spring, the Administration gushed, and the Liberal Establishment eagerly encouraged the rest of the region to follow suit to achieve "DEMOCRACY"!  How wonderful!

Iranians protesting against their Islamic government
However, when the Iranians rose up to protest their government, the US stood by silently, watching the Iranian government beat down the protestors, jailing them, or killing them.

Had the Administration provided covert assistance -- as was the practice in past Administrations, the protestors might have succeeded in displacing the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad regime.

Instead, the revolt leaders have been rounded up and sealed off from any further political dissent -- and we are left with a radical government threatening to build a nuclear weapon capability.

As we advised in an earlier post, Libya's liberation from Qadafi -- to provide a Light Sweet Crude petroleum source for Europe, has backfired, and Libya is now in the midst of a civil war as the multitude of tribes vie for power and control.  There is no functional government, and there is a vicious fight for  control of the secessionist Benghazi -- which sits on 80% of Libya's oil.
 Hundreds of Americans, in Libya on independent excursions to win contracts for oil companies, have disappeared.

Mubarek ousted - Muslim Brotherhood filled vacuum

Meanwhile, the Egyptians demonstrated in the streets, occupied the plaza, and carried banners demanding the ouster of Mubarek.  The police beat down the protestors, while the military remained somewhat aloof.  In the end, Mubarek and his Cabinet acquiesced, and the military seized control to maintain stability.

We suspect that Mossad was operating in the shadows with the objective of destabilizing and creating chaos in Egypt to ensure it did not pose a threat in the future.  Unfortunately, the Israelis may have created their worst nightmare, as the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be dominant now, and will likely pose a major threat to Israel in the future.

Muslim Brotherhood inspired attacks?
Today, we see Egyptian radicals storming the US Embassy and tearing down the US flag in a redux of the 1979 assault on the US Embassy in Tehran.  [The Iranians, recognizing his weakness, humiliated President Jimmy Carter by holding the Embassy and the staff as hostages until President Reagan took office in 1981.]

Egyptians, leery of the growing influence of the Muslim brotherhood, attacked Hillary Clinton's motorcade, apparently based on the belief that her assistant  [Huma Abedin] was part of the Muslim Sisterhood movement and that the Obama Administration was behind the installation of Mr Morsi as Egypt's new leader.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Mr Assad, already strong through a dynastic rule, used Israel's attack against  a Damascus site in 2003 [claiming it was a terrorist training site] and again against Syria's nuclear facility in 2007 to consolidate his power and attack his opposition.  The population has rebelled and we are now witnessing a civil war of growing proportions.  Hundreds of thousands of Syrians are fleeing the country, and Turkey risks destabilization as it attempts to accomodate all these refugees.  The United Nations has proven to be useless in this exercise, and there is no clear conclusion to this conflict in sight, even though much of the military has defected.

Israel is keen on Syria's discord since the discord will destabilize Syria and undercut it as a threat and sees a weakened Syria as an opportunity to claim the remainder of the Golan Heights for settlements -- setting the stage for regional conflict in the future.  Once again, should Syria fall to the Muslim Brotherhood control, Israel quickly becomes at risk significantly greater than in times past.

Mr Putin, of former KGB status, is manipulating the situation by providing Assad with arms, aircraft, missiles, and logistical support to keep Assad in power -- if for no other reason than to keep the US off balance.  He also supplies Iran with a variety of materials, with an eye on access to Iran's oil.

Americans are fools to have elected you

Mr Putin has recognized that Mr Obama is clueless in the global arena; so he will exploit Obama's weakness.  We suspect he is even feeding Mr Obama's campaign to keep him in office to ensure the US remains weak and indecisive.

The Great Game [Oil]

As in the 19th Century, we find Russia lurking behind several curtains, attempting to establish geopolitical influence, and perhaps control, with the ultimate aim of manipulating/controlling the regional oil flow and mineral exploitation.

Although The Great Game for supremacy over Central Asia was a 19th Century duel between the Brits and the Russians, it has segued into a more subtle sequel between the US/NATO and Russia/PRC.

Muslim Brotherhood
The wild card in this game though, is the Muslim Brotherhood [MB] which seeks to establish a religious state, ostensibly democratic, governed by Sharia Law.

We suspect the MB may be the shadow force behind the attacks on the US Embassies in Libya and Egypt, and we would not be surprised to see more such attacks in other Middle East Muslim countries, and as far away as Indonesia.  China has its own version of the MB, although we're not sure of its linkage with that in the Middle East.

We don't see Mr Obama standing in their way.