Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Israel to Launch Nuclear War?

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Mr Netanyahu has ramped up his rant, seeking a Red Line to be drawn regarding Iran's nuclear program. He demanded a meeting with President Obama, who ignored him -- and rightly so.  Mr Netanyahu has been bellowing, ranting, stomping his feet, holding his breath, threatening to unleash AIPAC, and continues to act like a spoiled brat who insists on drawing the US into still another Middle East war by demanding the US attack Iran. 

We need to remind him that he has no role in the US government, thus, he will not make US policy.  It now appears he'll launch an attack on Iran on his own, and hope the US will be forced to back him.

But, let's review a little history here.  How long has this Iranian Nuclear Threat rant been going on?  The Christian Science Monitor broke it down for us with these headlines and dates.


1992: Israeli member of parliament Binyamin Netanyahu predicts that Iran was “3 to 5 years” from having a nuclear weapon.
1992: Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres predicts an Iranian nuclear warhead by 1999 to French TV.
1995: The New York Times quotes US and Israeli officials saying that Iran would have the bomb by 2000.
1998: Donald Rumsfeld tells Congress that Iran could have an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the US by 2003.

The issue remains Netanyahu's insistence that Iran is building a nuclear weapon which it might use to incinerate Israel. 

CJCS Dempsey:  Put a sock in it, Bibi

To his dismay, his is a minority opinion as both his intelligence and military chiefs dispute his claim, as does the IAEA, as do the US Intelligence Community and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey -- who advised he would not "be complicit" in an attack on Iran.

Worse yet, 65 - 80% of the Israelis oppose such a move.
Shibley Telhami (U of MD) in cooperation with the Dehaf Institute of Israel, released their results showing that public opinion in Israel opposes a strike on Iran:

"... only 19% of Israelis favor a strike, even in the face of US opposition.
"34% oppose a strike no matter what!
"42% would back a strike only if it had a at least the support of the US."

Meir Dagan [Mossad Chief]

Meir Dagan, former head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, opposes a war with Iran, noting
"I decided to speak out because, when I was in office, Diskin, Ashkenazi and I could block any dangerous adventure.  Now, I am afraid there is no one to stop Bibi and (Ehud) Barak."

Paul Pillar, with considerable expertise in both the Middle East and Counter-Terrorism, supports this view.  Pillar, a Vietnam era Army officer, a well-respected National Intelligence Officer at CIA and the National Intelligence Council, regards the "Iran Nuclear Threat" as speculative at best!

New Balance of Power?
"... they are not seeking a weapon which ... will be launched against Israel.  Indeed, Israel knows this very well, as Ehud Barak himself recently confirmed.  But, the fear mongering, in both the US and Israel, is politically useful and Israel is indeed very worried that their nuclear monopoly will be broken.  So are the Saudies, who, like Israel, would have a much more serious opponent to deal with in a nuclear Iran."

Now, Israel has had a nuclear weapons capability for more than 30 years, detonating their first bomb near South Africa in the late 1970s.  That caused a bit of angst in the Middle East and raised the fear factor there quite a bit -- perhaps leading to a bit of discomfort for Israel's Arab neighbors.

Of the three Mid-East countries with a visible interest in nuclear capabilities, only Israel has not signed on to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and only Israel refuses to allow IAEA inspectors to visit its nuclear sites.

Since last Spring, there have been several curious incidents which seem designed to force the US to attack Iran.

US Fifth Fleet
On 8 June 2012, US sailors notified friends, family, and the Gold Coast Chronicle that the USN Fifth Fleet ships came under air attack in the Straits of Hormuz, indicating there were several casualties.   When queried, the Navy denied the report, alleging that
1) the USS Enterprise was in the Pacific [Midway] at the time and
2) the ship was in Norfolk undergoing repairs at the time, and
3) that its ships passed through the Straits of Hormuz without incident.

The Pentagon hasn't forgotten
Coincidentally, the attack occurred on the 45th anniversary of the false flag air and sea attack on the USS Liberty by jet fighters and gunboats which Israel claimed were launched by Egypt, but which turned out, in fact, to be Israeli jets and torpedo boats; the attack was designed to cause the US to engage in the Six Day War against Egypt.  We would be disappointed if this attack on 8 June were actually an Israeli False Flag attack designed to draw the US into conflict with Iran as the Israeli proxy.

Innocence of Muslims Film
Of more recent concern is the $5 Million video, Innocence of Muslims that portrayed Mohammed as a fraud, a womanizer, and a pedophile.  It was dubbed in Arabic the week prior to the attack on the US Consulate in Libya.  The producer, Sam Bacile, previously claimed he was an Israeli Jew, although Israel has "officially disavowed all knowledge of him."

Oddly, he had pocket cash of $5 million, was able to assemble a cast of 80,  a film crew, and a set with no connections in Hollywood.  Consultant Steve Klein advises that "Bacile" is a pseudonym, and he does not know his true name.

Currently, Bacile is tied to Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.  The promotion and aggressive distribution of the film by Morris Sadek - an anti-Muslim Egyptian Coptic -- appears somewhat sophisticated, with the obvious intent to introduce it to Muslim audiences -- with the goal of inciting rage among Muslims. 

Pastor Jones - Distributor of Hate
Interestingly, Pastor Terry Jones had no connection with the film's production or distribution -- but was immediately designated by the US and foreign Media  as the scapegoat for the furor and protests which resulted from its appearance on YouTube; he was already well-publicized for his burning of the Quran.   Although the film had been on YouTube for a number of months in English, it was only dubbed in Arabic in early September -- in time for the commemoration of 9/11 -- and coincident with promotion in the Middle East.

In retrospect, it would appear this event was carefully orchestrated to produce turmoil in Egypt -- and the Middle East in general. 

Anti-defamation League director Abraham Foxman denies any Jewish or Israeli association with the production or distribution of the film.

The question is, "Who orchestrated this tragedy?"

Israel after Netanyahu attacks Iran?       (c) KasamaProject
At this point, the Middle East is up in flames, literally; all good will towards the US has evaporated, and the US is now under siege in all Muslim countries around the world.  It appears the objective of this false flag operation was to create turmoil in Egypt, perhaps to prevent it from becoming a threat.  The reverse, however has occurred as the turmoil has strengthened the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim extremists. 

Israel is again at risk as it appears it is poised to attack Iran, with the hope of US intervention before it is annihilated. 

According to the New York Times, "Iran's commander of the Revolutionary Guard, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, took the unusual step of holding a news conference to warn that “nothing will remain” in Israel if it, or the United States launches attacks against his country.  He said Iran and its allies — presumably Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza — would retaliate at Israel’s borders, as would Iran itself in Israel and beyond, targeting American military bases in the Persian Gulf and shutting down the Strait of Hormuz. The general’s threats were unusually specific and signaled Iran’s intent to turn an attack into a regional conflict."

To put things in perspective, Iran has an area of 1.6 million square kilometers, about the size of Alaska.  Israel has an area of 20,000 square kilometers, smaller than Vermont.  Israel has a sophisticated military with a large nuclear arsenal; Iran's military is less sophisticated, without a nuclear capability, but with its entire conventional missile force now aimed at Israel; if five per cent of the missiles are on target, Israel will be decimated.

25 Country Mine-sweeping Force
In recent days, the US Navy has joined allies in conducting "minesweeper" exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, along with a deployment of drones; shortly thereafter, Iran deployed a second Taregh-1 submarine [a Russian Kilo class] with the Iranian fleet in the southern port of Bandar Abbas. 

There are also reports that US AC-130 gunships have departed for "parts unknown" -- likely the Mid-East to provide close air support with massive firepower to US forces should they be attacked.

Meanwhile, in Israel, there seems to be a civilian and ex-patriot exodus in process in the face of highly unusual military movements described as a "massive redeployment with 'protective tactics'; there are reports of top military leaders meeting with Israel's senior Rabbi -- an event which has preceded every prior military campaign.

IDF at the Wailing Wall

Another indicator is that several days ago, hundreds of IDF soldiers were at the Wailing Wall, with a large number of military buses en-route there as well.

So, it appears that Mr Netanyahu is about to launch a war against Iran, albeit in the absence of support from Israeli and US Intelligence and Military leadership -- and on top of 20 years of false reports of Iran's nuclear threat. 

Will he finally succeed in destroying Israel? 

And, just in time to disrupt US elections -- creating a national crisis in the US, by which Mr Obama can declare Martial Law to maintain order in the wake of the destruction of Israel.